10 Careers for Creatives

Creatives, especially those with degrees in creative fields, often get disparaged about wasting time and money on education to end up in customer service or fast food jobs. This is far from the case; however, if you are willing to research, you can find the right, top-paying career for your creativity.

Writers, Editors and Authors

Whether you have a degree in technical writing or creative writing, finding a job after graduation does not have to keep you living in your parents’ basement and paying off student loans for decades. Writers and editors are needed for various technical, marketing and content-creation tasks in industries which may surprise you. You can freelance these services, become a paid staff writer or author books to publish on your own or with the help of industry giants.

Artists and Animators 

In the digital world, artists and animators are in increasing demand to help make advertisement campaigns, business websites and product packaging memorable and engaging. You can also find jobs in the film, television or online content fields as an artist or animator.

Teachers and Professors

Teaching your art or creative passion to a new generation of students can be an excellent use of a creative degree and can even be done without formal education. Whether you use online learning platforms or apply for more traditional teaching jobs, you can pass your skills and knowledge to aspiring artists, writers, and sculptors.

Web Developers and Programmers

Web and application developers and programmers are among the most visible places where creativity meets technical know-how. However, you do not need to be a computer wiz to get started in this field, as you can learn several of the most popular coding languages and techniques online. Some independent video game developers have started with a degree in visual arts or writing and learned coding as a medium for their craft and stories.

Video and Film Editors

Editing videos and film is a creative and time-consuming task, with many of the most popular social media influencers outsourcing their editing to freelancers or an editing firm. You can also work in editing television and film by applying to significant firms.

Architects and Industrial Designers

Architects and industrial designers use creativity to design the buildings and items you use daily. With this job, you can design breathtaking landscaping, or the next viral toy sensation, and firms of all types are hiring inventive people.

Fashion and Graphic Designers

Fashion and graphic designers are in high demand to create the next must-have clothing, accessories or artwork. These creative careers may require more specific education in textiles or digital art but can pay off big for those with skills in critical areas.

Art and Film Directors

Being an art or film director means being the creative vision behind a museum curation, an advertisement campaign or a media project. These directors are responsible for how the project looks, how well the message is conveyed and how successful the project is.

User Experience and Creative Directors

User Experience, UX, and creative directors differ from the directors of art installations or film in directing projects outside of traditionally artistic industries. For example, you can be the creative director for a manufacturing company and responsible for managing product design teams, generating new or improved product lines and working with marketing firms to solidify branding. UX directors and designers are responsible for how the users interact with websites, applications and software. This includes brainstorming and developing designs, testing functionality and incorporating feedback.

Marketing Managers and Directors

Marketing is a creative field encompassing visual arts, written language, and much more. When working in this field, you are likely to be aiming for the job of manager or director of a marketing firm, department or team. These jobs involve leading a creative group of people to the successful completion of projects as well as being a source of ideas and inspiration.

Being creative and wanting a career related to your passion can sometimes require a little creativity in which jobs you look for and what industries you look in. This can be easier in the digital world as more companies seek web developers, content creators and marketing professionals.


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