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15 minutes training session ideas for beginners

For maintaining a healthy lifestyle you have to be more active in your daily routine tasks. Even if you spend the whole day in your office, you need to get some time out of your hectic routine for doing some workout. A 15 minutes training session would be enough for you to stay active and in shape. If you are too lean then you can start using a mass gainer with amino energy ingredients.

If you are a beginner and you haven’t been doing any workout lately then here is a 15 minutes training sessions idea you can start from today:

  1. Squat

It will help you strengthen your core muscle. It will basically work more on the muscles of your lower body. Your thighs and legs will become in shape. It works like a crusher for calories. Without any equipment, you can do this workout. This has to be the first step of your workout session because it will warm up your body muscles for little hard exercises. 

  1. Jump squat

A power-packed exercise will work on your lower abs, leg muscles, and glutes. The fat from your lower body will start vanishing once you add this workout to your training session. 

  1. Alternate side lunges

It also works on your glutes, inner thighs, quads, and hamstrings. You might have to put more effort to stay aligned in this workout but it will help your lower body to stay in shape and it also a calorie crusher exercise.

  1. Skater lunges

This workout will also work on your inner thighs, ankle, and hip mobility while toning your leg muscles.

  1. Alternate curtsy lunges

It will help you create lower body strength while working on your glutes, you will be able to become more balanced in carrying out this workout.

  1. Jumping jacks

To end your 15-minute training session you need to do the jumping jacks at the end. While jumping your heart rate will increase, you will get all sweaty that means you are burning a lot of calories. It will also help in burning your belly fat. 

The benefit of using amino energy-containing mass gainer supplement

If you are new to training sessions and you are quite lean then you might need some help for carrying out the beginner’s workout training session. You can use mass gainer supplements containing amino energy that will help you to do the training in a better way. Here are a few other benefits of using mass gainer supplements:

  1. You will be able to perform better in your workout sessions
  2. You won’t feel tired or your muscles won’t hurt much
  3. It will help in your muscles growth
  4. It will help you to try harder training sessions because of the energy you will get from the supplement
  5. There will be less fatigue because of the workouts
  6. Even if your muscles get hurt, they will recover within no time
  7. Not only in exercise but you will be able to perform much better in sports


Staying active and healthy saves you from many diseases. You can use a mass gainer supplement that will provide your body with amino energy so you can do better in your training sessions. 

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