3 Attention-Grabbing Video Advertising Tricks

Are you looking for a better way to grab consumers’ attention?

Combine the marketing power of both traditional and digital media!

One of the best examples of this approach is video advertising. More than 80% of surveyed marketers agree that video content generates more direct sales. Video is even more powerful when combined with other digital strategies, like blogging, social media, and giveaways.

Here are three ways to use video effectively in your strategy.

1. Demo Your Product

Shiny brand design goes a long way. Unfortunately, nice logos and packaging fall under the weight of defective product design.

Product demoing is one of the most effective ways to incorporate video. You may laugh at infomercials, but they work because viewers can watch how the product actually works. It doesn’t hurt to have those “as seen on TV” stickers on your products, either.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay for infomercial time to create a similar experience online. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are three important platforms to have in your video marketing tool bet. Now, Tik Tok is a must-have for product demoing, as the platform’s recipes and gadgets go viral around the world.

Make sure your product is fully tested and ready for consumers before recording your demo. This is especially important if you get real people to test your product on camera.

Remember to be informative yet fun in your approach. You could even add animations to your demo to highlight points and instructions.

2. Video Advertising Meets Storytelling

Product demos are an excellent example to reference.

You already have a product-in-action, but what’s missing is a compelling story. People connect with stories, and consumers are people, after all. Stories help build trust and brand loyalty.

One classic example is starting from humble beginnings. Starting from nothing is a relatable story.

However, an inspiring story is even better.

Take those humble beginnings, but add a mission to the story. For example, a farmer who develops gluten-free products for their child with wheat allergies is an inspiring story.

People who overcome challenges are also inspiring. Athletes dealing with lifelong pain are ideal CEOs in the natural health industry. They already have some built-in brand loyalty, but their pain management experience establishes them as authorities in the niche.

Some stories are more involved than others.

You can always develop a video series to parse your story into digestible bites. Series are great for Google ad strategies. You can also look into YouTube ads management to gain a deeper insight into the analytics.

3. Keep It Natural

While generating sales is your end goal, you don’t want to make it obvious. The secret is to disguise your sales approach as an experience. The experience you create depends on a number of things, including your niche.

For example, you would take a fun (and educational) approach to sell a kid’s product, directly appealing to kids, while subtly appealing to parents. The video creates a fun experience for the kids as parents learn about the toy’s benefits. You may want to highlight cognitive and emotional development.

Make a Statement on the Small Screen

The only thing your marketing plan needs is a compelling video advertising strategy. Remember these tips as you craft your first demo, brand story, and experience.

Keep the blog handy as you grow!

James Vines

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