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3 important Applications of Microsoft Power Platform

What is Microsoft Power Platform & its main Applications?

Basically, the Power Platform is a web and mobile application development platform that utilizes the capability of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.


The Microsoft Power Platform includes the following three main applications:


PowerApps provides you with a blank canvas on which you can drag and drop components in any form to design an UI (user interface). Ease of use is the primary appeal of canvas apps in PowerApps.


Compared to canvas apps, model-driven apps in PowerApps are based on underlying data — specifically, the data stored in CDS – Common Data Service. CDS is a cloud-based & secure storage space that organizations can use to store business application data.




While discussing the Power Platform, some other important terminologies to mention are CDM and Common Data Service (CDS). CDM is where we can store our data in different common business entities. These business entities include common business entities such as account, contact, and leadership opportunity, but, if required, we can create new custom entities and extend existing entities. Further, data that are stored in these entities can be shared with different applications, CDS allows us to store data in business entities based on the CDM. We can use CDS to build an application in Power Apps. When creating an application in Power Apps, CDS helps us set database, security, and business logic for our Application.

You may Connect with any Microsoft partners to leverage powerapps for your business.

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