4 Alternatives to Traditional Smoking – Prescribed Nicotine Vapes

Traditional smokers know the pain of being unable to quit smoking. While many individuals suffer from being addicted to nicotine and other tobacco-related products, there are solutions to satiate such cessations. One of the most vital things necessary to stop smoking is to have the will to do so. Individuals who want to curb these kinds of behaviour rely on Smokefree Clinic nicotine e-cigarettes. These Vapes and e-cigarettes help individuals curb such tendencies and move towards leading healthy lives. However, using such devices does not mean they’re better and healthy. These devices help minimise the damage of smoking, and as such, have certain benefits. Here are some of the techniques used by professionals to help individuals stop smoking.

What is an e-cigarette or a vape?

An e-cigarette, commonly known as vapes today, is a modern device that replicates traditional smoking. Individuals can inhale nicotine-induced vapour using these devices. These devices contain an atomiser, a battery source, and a container to hold the e-liquid. The atomiser heats the wick and converts the e-liquid into vapour. The battery source is primarily required to power the device. The container has e-liquids which come in various forms. Here are some of the preferred e-liquids today.

  1. a) Fruity – Fruity flavours like peach, guava, and mango are available in these juices. These tastes are frequently purchased for their aroma and impact.
  2. b) Coffee – Flavors of coffee are very frequently used in the business. As a result, many people buy these juices for their gadgets.
  3. c) Tobacco – As previously stated, vaping is a contemporary smoking alternative. Tobacco-flavoured e-liquids are also quite popular due to the enormous growth of smokers throughout the world.

The Need for a Prescription

The Australian Government has made it mandatory for individuals to have a prescription before purchasing nicotine e-cigarettes to curb their temptations. In such instances, Smokefree clinic nicotine e-cigarettes and associated remedies offer these prescriptions for such individuals. They facilitate individuals buying such devices without going through the hassle of the process. Thus, they are necessary because of the regulations imposed on the use, import, purchase, sale, and possession of such devices.

Benefits of Nicotine-containing E-cigarettes

As mentioned earlier, prescribed e-cigarettes do not imply better choices. They’re healthier alternatives to traditional smoking. However, they do help in a few ways. Thus, they’re prescribed by professionals for individuals with the will to curb such behaviour. Here are some of the benefits of these products.

  1. i) Minimise Damage – One of the benefits of these devices is that they minimise the damage caused by traditional smoking. Contemporary smoking is one of the worst behaviours anyone can develop today. Research suggests that smokers who switch to modern vaping begin noticing significant improvements in their cardiovascular health. Thus, individuals who opt for Smoke Free Clinic Nicotine E-cigarettes often observe significant changes at early stages.
  2. ii) Vapor, not Smoke – Another benefit of opting for such devices over traditional cigarettes is that these devices use vapour as the inhaling method. Traditionally, individuals who smoke inhale an unhealthy amount of carbon monoxide. This element is detrimental to the core. It reaches the roots of the lungs and causes adverse aftereffects to individuals. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, use vapour and not smoke. While it is true that vapour isn’t completely healthy, it contains significantly lesser amounts of tar and other harmful chemicals.

Harmful Effects of Smoking

Before concluding, one needs to know the adverse aftereffects of such behaviour. Here are some of the worst possible scenarios individuals can come across by continuing to smoke.

  1. i) Heart Attacks – Surveys suggest that out of all victims of heart attacks, over 43% of individuals have been smoking regularly for over at least two years.
  2. ii) Pregnancy Risks – Women smokers find it immensely arduous to conceive a baby due to such behaviour.

In conclusion, one can argue that the benefits of e-cigarettes outweigh the negatives of traditional smoking. Thus, these solutions are preferred highly today.


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