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4 Important Amenities to Consider While Renting a Flat in Mumbai

Below are the 4 important aspects to consider while finalizing a rental flat in Mumbai.


1. Your Daily commute

Fortunately, Mumbai has incredible connectivity through the entire city with the metro and local transit line, but it’s always advisable to look for a place which is less than 5-8 km from your workplace. Especially since Mumbai never sleeps with people working all round the clock, it’s optimal to keep minimal travel & find housing options that are easily accessible, convenient.


2. Area and locality

Mumbai is one of the most crowded cities where you will find local chawls to sophisticated gated communities/buildings almost in the same area. It all depends on your budget and adaptability to adjust to your surroundings. Look at the locality and area before you finalize the flat for rent to understand if that fits your taste.


3. Stores, Schools & Medical facility

It’s always a good idea to scout for nearby convenience stores for day to day needs, and significant places as per your needs such as schools, hospitals/Medical stores to get a good sense of the locality around your accommodation.

While the city offers many tech/app-based solutions to make your life easier, where you can place an order at a click of a button to have it home delivered or have someone go to your favorite store and pick up stuff for you.

Check out MultiLiving, which offers new solutions to all your problems when it comes to renting a flat in Mumbai from great property options to a personal concierge,  Solutions to cooking, cleaning & household chores.


4. Leisure and recreational

The city that never sleeps’ is what Mumbai is called, City won’t disappoint you with nightlife, you can unwind at Carter road, Marine Drive, Amarsons Park or Girgaon Chowpatty or Powai Lake.

The city also offers some mouth-watering street food and great food joints, especially vada pav which is Mumbai’s signature snack/breakfast option.

If you’re not chilling at home with a pizza after a long week of work, you won’t be disappointed either with a bunch of places to hangout for your weekend. Mumbai is always dazzling with parties at places, you will find a ton of activities with Theatres, Stand up comedies, restaurants & Bars.

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