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4 Things You Should Do Before Having Cosmetic Surgery

You’re exited about your upcoming cosmetic procedure. As the time draws closer, there are some preparations that you should make in advance. Many of them have to do with ensuring you can be as comfortable as possible while you heal. Here are four examples that are likely to be on the list provided by your plastic surgeon.

Arrange Time Off From Work

Your surgeon will provide you with an estimate of how long you will need to be out of work after the procedure. Keep in mind the amount of time is based on past experience and any particulars related to your health. When you ask for the time off from work, you may want to add a few extra days. In the event you do have some minor complication, there will be no need to contact your employer and arrange for additional time off. If things go smoothly, then you have a little more free time to enjoy yourself.

Stock Up on Food

Your activity level will be kept to a minimum during the first part of the recovery. That means doing your shopping before the day of the procedure. Stock up on plenty of food, including things that can be prepared quickly and in advance. The goal is to ensure you don’t run out of any essentials. While you can always augment what’s in the kitchen with deliveries from restaurants, it’s nice to know that you can prepare something to eat without having to call anyone.

And Things You Can Do During Your Recovery

Since your activities will be curtailed for a good part of the recovery, buy some things that will keep you occupied as you remain in the home more. That means buying or downloading some books that you’ve been meaning to read. This is also a good time to subscribe to a service that allows you to download movies.

The goal is to have things to do that don’t involve much in the way of physical activity or stress. As the healing progresses, the surgeon will let you know when it’s fine to broaden your horizons a bit and begin to ease back into the activities that normally occupy your time.

Get Instructions for Taking Medications Vitamins and Other Products During the Recovery

You already know that it will be necessary to discontinue use of some of your prescription and over the counter products prior to the surgery. How about knowing when it’s okay to start taking them again? Some of the products, especially prescription medications, may be fine to resume usage the day after the procedure is completed. Other things, including certain nutritional supplements, may need to wait until you have a week or so invested in the recovery.

Your surgeon can review everything you take and help you set up a schedule for resuming use of each product. Follow it to the letter and the odds of any complications will be kept to a minimum.

Remember that professionals like Dr.Zakhary, facelift surgeon in Calgary want patients to be as comfortable as possible once their procedures are done. Make sure you know what will help speed your recovery and what could interfere with the process. With the right approach, you’ll soon be ready to get out of the house and show off the changes.


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