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5 Advantages of VOIP Over Traditional Telephony

The old days of laying new copper cabling for each new telephone line you need in your business are over. More and more, telephony relies on modern fiber networks and voice-over IP (VoIP) technology to deliver your telephony needs. But why is the shift so sudden and so sought after? Here are 5 tangible reasons why you need to switch to VoIP in your business.

Significantly Lower Costs Per Call

One of the first reasons that many businesses will list when contemplating making the move from traditional telephony to a VoIP system, is the cost. VoIP calls are made over the internet, so instead of relying on traditional telephone lines and expensive infrastructure where one call uses a full telephone line which are limited, the contention for VoIP calls is much lower as many more calls can be carried over a single internet connection, and in turn, this translates into lower per-call costs. In some cases, VoIP calls may even be free depending on the call recipient.

You’re Not Reliant on a Desk Phone

Since all you need to make a VoIP call is an internet connection, you’re not reliant on a telephone on your desk. While you can get these telephones, many companies make use of cellphone apps or computer programs which will do the calling for you, so not only do you not need expensive telephone handsets, but you can also make and receive calls from your office extension number from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. This gives you extreme portability – a precursor for work at home programs which can lead to even more cost-saving benefits.

Conferencing Made Easy

Gone are the days of complex teleconferencing that required specific equipment or multiple calls and call costs. With VoIP, you can add many people to a single call with the click of a button and seamlessly create teleconferencing. Of course, this can also include video calling and multimedia like shared whiteboard spaces or the ability to do presentations. With a professional partner like Healthy IT, fighting with difficult and antiquated telephony to hold a conference call can be a thing of the past with VoIP systems.

It’s Easier to Scale Both Ways

Because you’re not dealing with physical telephone lines, the ability to both add and remove users and extension numbers is quick and painless. You don’t need to physically install more telephone lines if you need to increase the number of users, and to go the other way, you don’t need to cancel and have physical lines disconnected. These changes can be made almost instantly too, so you’re not left waiting a few days to have another telephone extension connected – and you’re not paying for the installation of these new lines either.

Better Call Quality

Because the entire conversation can happen digitally, the call quality can be much improved over the traditional telephone. Technically, the sampling and bitrate of the packets of information-carrying your voice over the internet can be of much higher quality, and that means crisper and clearer communication. Gone are the days of repeating yourself over and over to relay numbers on the phone!

There are many advantages of making the switch to VoIP, which ultimately all translate to cost savings and convenience. Because it’s digital, you’re able to tie your VoIP telephony into many backend systems, and with advances in the space like Microsoft Teams, where your telephony can be integrated into collaboration and chat services too, the voice communications landscape will almost certainly never be the same again.

Army Strong

Amy Strong is a Digital Marketer at Webcube360. She has been blogging for several years and helping small business owners with her amazing marketing skills and knowledge.

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