5 Best Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioners


You might think that air conditioners are the only way to keep your home cool, but there are plenty of other options. In this article, we’ll go over five ways you can use plants and lighting in your home to help you stay comfortable without using an air conditioner.

1.Keep the Plants Outside

The next best way to keep your home cool is by having plants. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which helps reduce greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming. They also provide shade, which helps keep your rooms cooler in the summer months when sunlight is most intense.Many people use indoor plants for air purification .

Plants can also help reduce heat islands by reflecting some of that light back into space or absorbing it into their leaves, thereby reducing surface temperatures of paved surfaces (which tend to be much hotter than grass or other natural surfaces).

2.Strive for Shade

The second thing you can do to keep your home cool is to find a shady spot in your yard. A tree or shrub will provide shade and help keep air flowing through the house, which will help keep it cooler. Magai paan plant size is greater than other pans and it provides good shade. 

3.Keep Windows Closed During the Day

The third most common way to keep your home cool without air conditioning is by keeping windows closed during the day. Closing all of your windows will help you avoid using an air conditioner, and also save money on electricity if you have a portable one.

If you don’t have much space for plants, consider using window blinds or curtains instead of planting indoor plants in front of them. You can also use drapes or blinds to block out sunlight during the day if that’s easier for you!

To cool down rooms with lots of glass surfaces (like foyers or living rooms), try putting up some fans so they circulate air around instead of just blowing hot air around inside the room itself—this will make it feel more comfortable overall!

4.Maximize Indoor Fans

Maximizing the effectiveness of your indoor fans is one of the best ways to keep your home cool without air conditioning. There are many different types of fans that you can use in your home, but some are more effective than others.

Ceiling Fans: These are great for circulating air throughout a room and will also help remove moisture from the air so it’s not too humid or dry when you need it most. You should consider installing one if you have high ceilings like mine (around 8 feet) because they’re easy to install and don’t require electricity!

Oscillating Fans: These handheld devices move around using a fan blade on top or bottom depending on where needed most at any given time during operation; no matter what size room I’m in—whether it’s small or large—my oscillating fan can handle everything without fail every single time!

Pedestal Fans: These stationary fans sit on top of pedestals so they don’t take up floor space while providing additional airflow throughout rooms during warm weather months when needed most.”

5.Install awnings to create shade on the east and west sides of your home. The awnings should cover windows that receive direct sunlight in the morning and afternoon.

Awnings are another great way to keep your home cool without air conditioning. Awnings can be installed on the east and west sides of your home, covering windows that receive direct sunlight in the morning and afternoon. The awnings should cover windows that receive direct sunlight in the morning and afternoon, allowing you to block out all that extra heat so it doesn’t creep into other rooms or rooms with little ventilation systems like closets and garages.

You can cool your home without air conditioning by using plants outside, avoiding direct sunlight in the morning and late afternoon, keeping windows closed during the day, and maximizing indoor fans.

Plants are a great way to keep your home cool. They absorb moisture from outside air and release it as they transpire (breathe). When you have plants in your house you can also avoid using an air conditioner as much as possible because they use less energy than an AC unit does!


Remember, the best way to cool your home is with plants! The next time you think about turning on your air conditioner, consider that there are many other ways to keep your home cool without it.

James Vines

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