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5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Non-Profits

One of the most reliable means of businesses at this point of time for both small and big businesses is digital marketing. It improves brand awareness, creates global reach and keeps an eye on the results. A non-profit entity, marketers, prioritizes the social causes over financial gain, by implementing strategies of digital marketing. There are several inexpensive ways to influence potential customers, and they are mentioned below.

Influencers and backlinks:

A website is the most important need for your non-profit. The website must be prepared in that way, in which it can go into the current digital age. A digital marketing agency recommends you to seek help from Influencers who will take care of your cause. To enhance the authority and reach of your foundation online, your website will require backlinks. Make use of the social sharing icons like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram on all of the pages. But, to see the optimum results, you need to deal with the changes. In order to establish backlinks, you need to have a page that can provide value to other organizations or websites. Moreover, backlinks make your website rank higher in the search engine results.

Optimize the video campaigns:

Videos indeed rule the digital sphere. These videos can make some real differences in the competitive market. Not only just good as a permanent post on the home page or vlog but, they can also be used in the initiatives of direct marketing. The click-through rates can be doubled or tripled easily by attaching videos in the emails. This can also improve the landing page conversion by 80%. Just by using the word ‘video’ in a subject line, you can easily improve your email opening rates by 19%. The strong imageries within a video can inspire the emotions of viewers.

PPC marketing:

You can earn direct traffics in your site, by PPC advertising, which is generally associated with the search engines from first-tier. The non-profit organizations’ go-to PPC source is Google Grants, as they offer the users with up to $10,000 per month in pay-per-click advertising through the Ads service. This huge of money allows your company to achieve exposures without spending excessive money. Once Google Grants approve you, you can promote your initiatives and company for free. This will bring traffic to your site at almost no time. This PPC method can also be used as a tool for researching keywords.


A solid reason for which your people revisits your website is retargeting. This also improves the interaction between your company and your visitors, more than before. A certain group of visitors winds up to donate the non-profit donation pages. There also exist many people who leave before completing a gift. Retargeting takes care of this concern. Some non-profit entities use Facebook Exchange. This is actually a good way to expose more information to the users about your non-profit entity and its cause.


One of the inexpensive ways to attract potential sponsors and donors is Email marketing. Audiences can be segmented into different lists. Donor retention can be grown by making campaigns for those particular users. And, to make them stay subscribed, you can use call-to-action. Email marketing lets you deliver countless information excellently to a countless number of interested people at once. There are several outlets available that offers high discounts for non-profits and also lets you evaluate your marketing campaigns in real-time by providing valuable insights.


Apart from the points mentioned above, Incorporating AI or Artificial intelligence in the advertising campaigns, lets the marketers adapt to the end-user behaviour and real-life changes, and also enhances user experience. You need to understand that the strategies will only help you to proceed further. But, the most important key is ‘planning’. You need to do thorough research and built some good strategies so that things work out according to the plan.

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