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5 Innovative Examples of Digital Customer Experience

As an entrepreneur, one of the things that is all the rage for your customer service these days would have to be the task of providing them with a solid digital customer experience. Much like the days of the small mom-and-pop gas station have been replaced with the fuel center with at least twenty pumps, you need to have a business website that is tailored for the 21st Century as well. How do you get your customer to stay on your website? By impressing them with your website’s digital prowess! Here are some ways to give then a solid digital customer experience each and every time they visit:

Engage in AI-powered chatbots.

Here in 2021, many brands now realize that they cannot just do content marketing any longer. In order to stay relevant, they have to engage in digital experiences such as AI-powered chatbots. According to the experts at Contentful, if a brand wants to succeed, they have to “serve customers throughout their entire lifecycle” and one way to begin doing that would absolutely be through an AI-powered chatbot. These chatbots are often able to provide a solid conversational experience due to the fact that they are powered by artificial intelligence. Simply put, this means that they can see, interpret, hear, and interact in ways that will seem human to regular users. Additionally, in order to be effective, these chatbots should be able to differentiate between unstructured data and the more pertinent data that they have been tasked to do.

Consider utilizing the services of an AI Virtual Assistant.

One of the reasons why an AI Virtual Assistant is a wise move is because they not only can understand natural language and voice commands but they can do the tasks that a historic human secretary could do – such things such as taking dictation, reading texts or emails out loud, finding phone numbers, making phone calls, engaging in scheduling, and reminding the users of crucial appointments.

Keep virtual reality in mind.

Virtual reality and AI are truly a match made in heaven, and one of the main reasons for this is because it can give your potential customers an added layer of interaction, helping them experiment with your products. This is especially true for fashion retailers, but all companies can thrive from this as well.

Brands now have to work much harder to stand out.

Ask any business brand and they will tell you that the challenges of their industry are continuing to evolve. “Brands now have to give customers everything they expect – personalization, localization, beautiful design, consistency, and intuitive interfaces – but they also have to go the extra mile and give the consumer something extra,” an expert at Contentful recently noted.

Fully investigate the concept of augmented reality.

Finally, there is augmented reality, which is designed to give the customer the best shopping experience possible. One way that augmented reality accomplishes this would be through increasing the interaction they have with various products. Fashion retailers such as Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger are the most well-known at doing this. Additionally, this augmented reality can also provide personalization options and virtual high-street shopping. You can find a lot of companies engaging in remote employee training and many different types of virtual tours as well. It truly is a brave new world out there for sure!

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