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5 Reasons Why You May Need A Panic Button

So, you installed an integrated security system in your home and office.

But do you have a contingency plan if all of that fails? Probably not.

There could be instances where you cannot call for help. You may lose your phone or its network or cannot speak to the authorities. That’s when the panic button comes to your rescue.

A personal alarm system or a panic button is unfamiliar to several people. They are typically recognized as a safety device for the elderly. But that isn’t true.

Here are a few reasons you may need a panic button to update your safety measures.

  1. Affordable And Flexible

Panic buttons are the most affordable means of security. So, if you can’t install a home security system, purchase a panic button. They are available in various sizes and structures, from a pendant to a belt or a bracelet.

Ensure your panic button suits your safety needs and is easily accessible in times of crisis.

Besides being easy on the wallet, they’re also convenient and flexible. Panic buttons are lightweight, small, and do not function on electricity. Making them easier to carry at all places.

  1. Deter Crime Efficiently

A panic button is a significant crime deterrent. It can prevent crime even if the burglar disables the security system to break into your house. When you hit the panic button, an alarming sound goes off.

The high-decibel sound from the button is powerful enough to alert the burglar and the neighbors. There’s a high possibility that the panic button alarm scares the burglar away.

If not, the informed authorities will soon be at your doorstep to catch the culprit.

  1. Immediate Assistance

You may counter that mobile phones can also be used to call authorities to get help. But what if your children are home alone and cannot make a phone call?

What if your phone breaks, you lose network, you’re trapped, or if the mobile is snatched away from you? That’s when a panic button saves your day.

Unlike mobiles, a panic button operates on batteries. Making them much more reliable to call for immediate assistance.

The panic buttons aren’t reliable on electricity or the Internet. Making them functional even during power outages. Moreover, power blackouts are likely to happen during incidents like floods and thunderstorms.

With the assistance of a panic button, you’ll receive assistance at the push of a button.

  1. Protect The Elderly

A panic button is an essential security device for our senior citizens. Plus, if the elderly live independently or have issues with mobility, they will most likely benefit from the panic button. Elderly people need constant care and vigilance.

This isn’t easily achievable as you’ll be at work most of the day or may travel out of the city. In situations when they are not present with all the people of the house, a panic button will ensure their safety.

Apart from the elderly, a panic button is equally, if not more, necessary for the differently-abled people. They are more vulnerable to dangers and medical assistance. Giving them a panic button guarantees they receive help with the push of a button.

Moreover, a panic button boosts their confidence as they no longer are dependent on others for their safety.

  1. Provides Peace Of Mind

We constantly worry about the safety of our children and the elderly while being away from home. Hence, we install a reliable home security system to ensure their safety and well-being.

But sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we can’t monitor them remotely.

A personal alarm or the panic button takes care of all these worries. Your family, children, and the elderly will receive round the clock monitoring from a professional monitoring company.

Moreover, with a panic button, your loved ones will receive immediate assistance in case of emergencies. This takes all your anxieties away and puts your mind at ease.

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