5 Rewarding Benefits of Going Solar

Solar energy is a growing trend that’s taken off over the past decade. The cost is lower than ever, and there are now incentives to help people install panels independently. That’s where there are now 21.8 million homes in America powered by solar energy.

While it is tempting to go green, the cost of doing so is a significant factor that makes it less appealing. Keep reading to learn five ways that make going green worth the investment.

1. Blackout Protection

Blackouts are starting to become more common in the world. Older power grids can’t handle the strain as temperatures go into more extreme ranges. That leads to rolling blackouts on the power grid.

You won’t suffer from those blackouts with solar panels. You’ll continue to have the lights on while everyone else not using solar needs to deal with no power.

2. Off-Grid Power

Do you have a home that’s off the grid? If so, getting power to your home is not always easy. It will cost a small fortune to run power lines to power everything.

Solar power works great in these situations. You don’t have to connect to the grid if you don’t want to. Setting up enough solar panels will let you store excess energy in batteries to power your home at all times.

3. Home Value

Solar panels didn’t always increase a home’s value, but that’s no longer the case. Now that solar panels are more mainstream, people understand the value they bring and find them desirable. That plays a part in your home’s value.

In most cases, you can expect solar panels to increase your house’s value based on the energy savings you see yearly. You’ll need to get a new audit to determine the exact increase you’ll see.

4. Power Credits

There will be times that your solar installation produces more energy than your home can use can store. However, you don’t need that energy to go to waste. In many locations, a solar installer like Blue Raven Solar can tie your solar system into the power grid to sell energy to the electricity company.

You’ll get energy credits when this happens. Your solar installation may not produce enough power at all times of the year, so you may need to rely on the grid at some point. You can use these energy credits to reduce or eliminate those costs.

5. Money Savings

The amount of money you save is the most important benefit you’ll see when investing in renewable energy. The environmental benefits solar brings are great, but saving money yourself is necessary for most people to make the investment.

In some cases, you can completely eliminate your power bills. This will depend on the amount of sun exposure you get and the number of panels you purchase.

Take the Decision to Go Green Seriously

You’re making a significant investment when you go green with solar, so it’s a decision you can’t take lightly. The above benefits are only a few that you’ll see when investing in solar panel installation. Keep them in mind when you make your choice to ensure you make the best choice for your needs.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits that other home improvement projects can offer your home? Learn more tips that will help on the blog.

James Vines

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