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5 Things Playing Rummy Card Game Can Teach an Entrepreneur

Have you ever wondered if playing card games, particularly rummy, could help you in other aspects of life? Look no further, as we explore how exactly playing a rummy card game can teach valuable skills and life lessons to an entrepreneur. So, what does rummy have to do with being an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur needs to be innovative and have a sharp and quick mind. He/she should be able to calculate the risk involved and rewards and handle failures and losses. Let’s see how rummy teaches these important values.

How can a rummy card game help an entrepreneur?

Quick thinking: Playing rummy regularly keeps you alert and always ready to make split-second decisions, as you don’t get much time to make your move during a round of rummy card game. This means that an entrepreneur who plays rummy online often gets used to making quick decisions, which will help him/her during decision-making for business ventures too.

Logical thinking: Since there is always the goal of winning the game, rummy players don’t waste effort on unimportant factors. All the decisions a player makes have to be logical or he/she will end up hurting his/her chances at winning the game. This kind of step by step method of thinking also helps startups or businessmen to think logically and reason out their problems one at a time.

Risk vs reward: In the rummy card game, there are certain risks you need to be aware of. For example, it is generally accepted that you shouldn’t hold on to your high-value cards if you cannot make sets or sequences with them, as these cards bring hefty points to your scoresheet. An entrepreneur who can play rummy well can easily use his/her skills in the real world as well, to check the risk vs reward equation even in business scenarios.

Watching opponents: Most startups and businesses face competition. While it is not a cutthroat competition in a rummy card game, it is very common to watch other players and try to guess what they are doing. Good rummy players keep a track of other players. And, using logical thinking, they can guess what kind of groups the other person is trying to form. This helps them to strategise a better winning plan. Similarly, this kind of awareness of other players in the market can help a budding or existing entrepreneur to make plans and strategies while taking into account competitors in the field.

Accepting failure: You can’t win every rummy card game that you play, but participating regularly helps you to win more often as well as not give up when you lose. Good rummy players can pick themselves up after a loss and continue playing. They use their losses to learn to play better. In the world of entrepreneurship, this kind of mentality is very helpful as it can be tough to go through failures and setbacks in your business. 

By cultivating and improving these crucial traits, any entrepreneur is sure to succeed in his/her business ventures. So, don’t wait, you too could enhance your entrepreneurial skills by getting yourself registered on the Adda52Rummy app!

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