6 Practice Areas That Personal Injury Attorneys Handle

Battling personal injury cases requires professional legal help to resolve matters efficiently. No matter the injury type, the best place to start your search is an injury firm with a solid reputation. There are numerous personal injury claims that injury firm lawyers can address, and some have niches in specific areas.  

You can ask for referrals of attorneys from those you know who’ve had positive experiences with or read reviews online on others’ experience working with said attorney or firm. You deserve to have exemplary representation for your case, so never settle on an attorney you don’t feel comfortable with. Stay mindful of the primary practice areas that injury lawyers cover and note if any of their areas of expertise are critical to your case. 

Below we discuss six practice areas personal injury lawyers handle. Review the information to get an idea of what you can expect by working with personal injury attorneys. Read on to learn more.


1.  Car Accident Personal Injury Attorneys

If you’ve suffered a personal injury via car accident, get in touch with personal injury attorneys to start the process of representation immediately after you’ve called for medical attention. A critical component of working with an attorney is learning what you should and shouldn’t say at the scene. Your attorney will also have the skills and resources to investigate and build a strong case. 

2. Dog Bite Injury

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, personal injury attorneys can get you the rightful compensation you deserve for your injury and suffering. Regardless of whether the bite was from a wild animal or a neighborhood pet, you can claim owner negligence and obtain the compensation you deserve. By working with trusted personal injury attorneys, you’ll find a resolution.

3. Product Liability Cases

If you’ve endured physical harm from using a product on the market, you can pursue legal action with a personal injury attorney. Product liability cases vary depending on the specifics but include instances where products were guaranteed safe for consumer use. Currently, calls for reforms on beauty product standards are in place because of the uptick in product liabilities. 

4. Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice is an area of personal injury law that can pertain to anything from patient neglect to medication mismanagement. Personal injury attorneys are equipped to handle such cases and get you the compensation you deserve. 

5. Burn Victim Injury

If you’ve endured a burn injury, either directly or indirectly, work with a personal injury attorney to get your rightful compensation. Burns in and outside the workplace are often handled by personal injury attorneys.  

6. Wrongful Death Cases

Your personal injury attorney can handle your wrongful death case. With your lawyer, you’ll determine the cause of wrongful death and gather evidence to obtain justice. 

Resolve Your Case Proactively With A Trusted Lawyer

You can work with your personal injury attorney to define case specifics and get the closure you need to move forward. Resolve your case proactively with trusted personal injury attorneys.

James Vines

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