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7 Advantage Of Silk Flowers

Flowers make many of life’s occasions more enjoyable. They bring color and beauty to weddings, to the office or even just to your living room. While having fresh flowers is nice from time to time, purchasing silk flowers online has many advantages. Read on to learn about our top seven reasons for choosing silk flowers.

  1. Made to Last

Silk flowers are durable. They are perfect for times where they may be handled often, such as a wedding, because they are not fragile like fresh flowers. They will not begin to wilt or fall apart during your event. You can stack silk bouquets on top of one another to transport them. If they shift a little, they are easy to bend back. Fresh flowers would typically break in this situation. Finally, you can purchase silk flowers that are treated to withstand outdoor weather, so they are perfect for wreaths or outdoor celebration decor.


  1. Wide Variety of Choices

Your choices may be limited when purchasing fresh flowers. The season or the demand for a particular flower may make it difficult for you to get what you want. Worse yet, some florists will substitute a similar flower, leaving you with something other than what you expected. With silk flowers, there are seemingly endless options. You can get almost any style of flower in almost any color you can dream of. You can even get colors that do not naturally appear in nature. This can come in very handy if you want a specific color to match decor or dresses that have already been chosen.


  1. Great for Allergies

One of the best things about silk flowers is that they will not stir up anyone’s allergies. Fresh flowers can smell wonderful to those without allergies, but they are a nightmare for some people with them. Silk flowers are great options for centerpieces for this reason. Everyone will be able to enjoy their dinner without needing a box of tissues in their lap. If anyone in the wedding party has floral allergies, then consider silk flowers. This way you can avoid sneezes on your video during your vows.


  1. Affordable Options

Silk flowers are available at many different price points. Some very affordable options look just as real as some of the very expensive options, so be sure to take time to look at the pictures closely when purchasing online. You will likely be surprised at just how real some of them look at the lower price points. Fresh flowers can be very costly and sometimes do not last to the end of the event. Even if you pay the same amount for silk flowers, you can be sure that they will last.


  1. Ease of Care

Silk flowers are very easy to maintain. They need to be dusted off from time to time. There is also a special cleaner that you can spray on them to help remove any debris and freshen their look. There is no need to fuss with water, which makes them very appealing to many people. They will not get brown around the edges as fresh flowers do. They will maintain their shape and fullness as well as their color.


  1. Realistic Looking

Gone are the days of silk flowers that just looked like plastic. If you have this idea, then you simply must begin browsing online so you can see just how realistic silk flowers are today. They are made the same shape and size as the real flowers that they are imitating, and some even feel like real flowers.


  1. Easy to Upcycle

One of the best parts of using silk flowers for an event is that you will be able to upcycle the bouquets afterward. You can take apart a bouquet and turn it into a wreath. You could pull several flowers that you like and display them in a bud vase. Making shadow box displays with a picture from the even along with some silk flowers is a popular gift for flower girls. A corsage from prom could be used to decorate the frame of the prom picture.


Silk flowers can be the star of your next event. Begin your search online today.




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