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7 Healthy Power Snacks for Outdoor Activities

There’s nothing better than getting outside for a day full of sun and fun. You have all your favorite activities lined up, and you’re ready to hit the ground running bright and early.


But before you go, you’ll need some fuel to keep your energy up!


For a full day in the great outdoors, not just any food will do. You need something that will keep your motor running all day long! Here are seven healthy power snacks for you to pack, so you don’t miss a beat.


1. Energy Bars


As the name suggests, this snack is specifically for recharging your energy.


Energy bars are compact, making them incredibly easy to bring along wherever you venture. They combine all sorts of fresh ingredients into one small, easy to eat package just for days like these.


Plus, energy bars are usually fortified with vitamins and minerals that make them nutritious as well as delicious!


While you’re shopping around for the best energy bars, look for a brand that has a lower sugar content and a fair amount of protein and fiber. These things combined will provide you with all the energy you need to keep going all day long.


2. Nuts or Nut Butter


Nuts are chock full of energetic goodness.


In just a handful of almonds, walnuts, or cashews, you will find protein, fiber, healthy fats, and enough calories to put a pep in your step. Since you don’t need to eat a ton, they’re the perfect choice to carry with you in your pack.


Nut butter also makes a fantastic alternative if you’re not a big fan of nuts or you just don’t have the time to munch on them.


Take a small container or a single serving packet of peanut or almond butter to your favorite outdoor activity for a quick and energy-rich snack. Eat it alone or pair it with bananas, celery, or apple slices for even more goodness


3. Fresh or Dried Fruit


Fruit provides the perfect pick-me-up of healthy carbs that you don’t find in candy or other sugary treats. It’s a hit of energy without the crash!


Pre-slice your fresh fruit and stick it in an airtight container to keep it fresh until you’re ready to chow down. That way, you don’t have to mess with whole fruits while you’re trying to have fun.


Dried fruits are an excellent source of carbs and fiber, both of which give you more energy.


You shouldn’t eat as much dried fruit because the sugar content is much higher than fresh fruit. And try to avoid any dried fruits with added sugar (or candied fruits).


4. Raw Vegetables


Vegetables are not only delicious but full of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to keep up the pace. This snack will give you the perfect refreshing boost you need while you’re running around outside.


Keep in mind — vegetables aren’t exactly teeming with energy. But paired with hummus or peanut butter, they make the perfect power snack!


Reach for some bell peppers, celery, carrots, cherry tomatoes, or cucumbers while you’re packing your lunch. You won’t be sorry when it’s time to dig into this one!


5. String Cheese


String cheese is portable and easy to chow down on even while you’re outside.


If you’re not going to be out all day long, cheese is a fantastic snack full of protein and fat to keep you on your feet. It can withstand a few hours in your pack, but don’t let it go any longer than that.


You don’t want to snack on bad cheese, trust us.


This choice is even better if you pair it with something that has carbs like fruit or crackers for a nice round energy boost.


6. Jerky


Because jerky is meat, it’s a fantastic source of protein. It also usually contains other vitamins and minerals such as iron and vitamin B that you just can’t go without.


Its nutritional value isn’t the only reason to consider jerky as your snack of choice.


When you find the perfect jerky for you, you’ll be in power snack heaven. Not only is it super portable, so you can take it anywhere, but it also has a long shelf life and will last you as long as you need it to during your adventures.


And you don’t even have to get beef jerky! There are so many other kinds of jerky, from turkey to alligator jerky, for you to choose from.


7. Trail Mix


Now we hit perhaps the most popular outdoor snack to ever exist. 


The holy grail of health and power.


A combination of all the amazing things you love about snacking.


Trail mix.


There are so many different ways to make trail mix that no two are quite the same. It’s usually nuts and dried fruits with a few extra treats such as pretzels or dark chocolate thrown in.


Trail mix has just about everything you need to boost your energy.


And it’s a fantastic way to keep even the pickiest eaters happy since there’s a tasty treat packed inside for everyone.


In Conclusion


Whether you’re hiking for a view or kayaking across a lake, you’re going to need something yummy for your tummy. Don’t just grab a bag of chips, pick up something that will excite your taste buds and recharge your batteries.


The perfect treat will keep you going like the Energizer bunny!


We know everyone has their tastes, which is why we presented seven different power snacks to appeal to everyone. So grab your favorite choice from our list and get yourself outside. The sun and the fun are waiting!


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Leon Grundstein has more than 28 years of experience in real estate development, with over two decades of experience in the retirement industry. He founded Lynnwood Scriber Gardens with a game-changing business model to promote a healthy and robust retirement lifestyle for older adults.

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