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7 New Social Media Marketing Tools that Experts use

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7 New Social Media Marketing Tools that Experts use

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In this competitive era of social media marketing, experts are utilizing a number of convenient tools to gain an advantage. With the emergence of new leaders in this market, platforms like Instagram are revolutionizing the world of social media. These platforms are changing the ways of how brands communicate with their audience and how they respond in return. If you want to have more followers on Instagram and other platforms, you need to have a solid marketing strategy. 

It just happens so, there are a number of effective tools that assist you in keeping pace with the latest trends and keep track of your progress. To make things easy for you, we have separated out 7 best social media marketing tools. Most of the experts use these tools and they are some of the best available in the market.

1. Buffer

Buffer is a simple and great social media management tool that is designed to schedule your posts, manage analytics and increase engagements. It is great for marketers looking to increase their followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. There is one central dashboard from where you easily share content across all platforms. You can conveniently see analytics for each post too.

Its integration with Pablo allows you to create custom images which are a great feature for a platform like Instagram. Its simplicity, convenience and a set of awesome features make it one of the best social media marketing tools.

2. Instapple

Instapple is a social media business tool that is used to boost the growth of any brand or profile. The company has contact with a network of influencers where they promote your content and greatly improve your engagement rates. Their fame underwent a major outburst when they increased the number of followers on Instagram for a number of clients.

Considering their performance and results, their rates are very moderate. Their payment methods are also very secure and trusted. With Instapple, all you have to do is pay and you will get automatic interactions on your account. Their vigilant customer support and service is always available for your help anytime.

3. BuzzSumo

An all-in-one social media marketing tool that manages everything for you. From discovering the latest trends to searching for influencers, all at a considerable cost. You can get critical insights into the performance of each post, links to your product pages, and developing future strategies. You can also search for particular keywords in the content manager and see the latest trending searches. After plugging your website into the BuzzSumo analyzer, you will see which social media platform brought the most number of visitors.

You can also optimize your site easily through this feature. The tool also allows you to see which sites are linking to you, which is an amazing feature. You can also search for top influencers for gaining support.

4. Sendible

A full-package and a comprehensive social media managing tool that allows you to control every aspect of your content management. Take Instagram for example, you cannot only publish and schedule content but also monitor and measure your results. You can respond to your followers through comments or inbox, schedule updates, monitor analytics, design reports and manage your social media team.

It has a mobile app too, so you can do all of the stuff at pam of your hands any time you want. It also has Canva integration, so you can create quotes and design images with it too.

5. Later

An amazing social media marketing tool, especially for Instagram. It can help you schedule and publish posts, respond to comments, manage analytics and keep track of your progress. You can also manage sales directly through the main dashboard and manage your transactions. More than half a million top brands on Instagram use this tool which showcases its effectiveness. It is the number one marketing platform for Instagram and for good reasons too.

6. Social Clout

You can even link multiple blogs and websites, create shoppable posts and switch between multiple accounts. Their payment and subscription options are also quite generous.

Any platform can allow you to publish and schedule your posts. You can track all the likes you want it isn’t going to make much of a difference. What matters are engagement rates and social media ROI which decide the success or failure of your campaign. An amazing tool that allows you to track exactly these things and more is Social Clout. 

It assists you in looking past the obvious things and tracks those which matter. You can learn everything about your engagements, demographics, time, and much more.

7. Iconosquare

Iconosqaure picks up your static growth and pushes it through the roof. It lays on the table for you the time of posting to get the most engagements according to your audience. Using it you can also find which hashtags to use that are trending and are most used by your audience. It is a premium analytics tool that offers a two weeks free trial. Another flagship feature of Iconosquare is that it allows you to do competitor analysis. So, you can design new innovative strategies with your marketing team. 


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