7 Reasons Why Oven Toaster Griller Is A Must-Buy For Your Kitchen

An oven toaster griller, or OTG, is one of the household’s most essential kitchen appliances. The multipurpose usage of an OTG is perfect for families who like to cook a new dish daily, whether baking a delicious pizza, toasting the perfect sourdough, or grilling the best tandoori tikka. It is usually the first oven that most people buy due to its friendly usability, that allows basic functions like reheating food to executing complicated grilling functions.
If you do not have experience with a convection microwave and want something that can be used daily to support your cooking, an oven toaster griller is perfect.

How Does an Oven Toaster Griller Work?

An OTG is a countertop kitchen appliance designed to efficiently bake, grill, and toast within minutes, ensuring the perfect browning of food and crispiness. While a microwave uses radio waves to heat food, an oven toaster griller uses heating coils that cook the food evenly from the inside out. When you buy an OTG, you also get additional accessories like a baking pan, rotisserie rod, oven rack, and more that allow you to bake, grill, or toast.

Reasons Why an Oven Toaster Griller is Essential for Kitchens

If you are contemplating buying an OTG, there are various benefits to investing in one that allows you to execute daily reheating functions and is versatile enough to let you try your latest culinary experiments. Here are the top 7 reasons an oven toaster griller is a must-have for your kitchen.

  • Jack-of-all-Trades

An OTG is certainly the ‘jack of all trades’ of kitchen appliances. It combines the functions of an oven, a toaster and a grill to provide all three in one machine. You do not need three machines; the OTG can efficiently carry out the three different cooking methods in one appliance. It opens the cooking possibilities, allowing you to experiment with different techniques and recipes.

  • Size and Capacity

An OTG is much smaller than a full-sized oven. Its compact design makes it perfect for small kitchens that do not have enough space for multiple appliances. Since it is multifunctional, one OTG on the cooktop is sufficient for any family. OTGs are available in different capacities that you can pick from based on the size of your family. Choose an OTG based on your needs and family size to find the one perfect for your kitchen.

  • Portability

An OTG is much more portable than a microwave or an oven. You can easily unplug it and shift it from your kitchen to another room. Since an OTG can grill and bake, you can move it around the house based on your party needs and serve piping hot dishes right from the OTG.

  • Easy to Use

OTGs have 3 main knobs – a temperature control knob, a heating rod selection knob and a time control knob. You can easily cook your favourite dishes once you learn to use these three knobs. Moreover, you do not have to keep an eye on the food; you can tend to other work while your food is cooking since the process will stop as soon as the timer goes off. The usability adds a layer of convenience for users.

  • Energy Efficient

Traditional ovens tend to use more electricity to cook the food. Since an OTG is a smaller appliance, it uses less energy to bake, grill or toast. The smaller size also means faster pre-heating time, allowing you to cook faster. If you want an appliance that helps you save on the electricity bill, an OTG will do that effectively.

  • Made for Home Chefs

The multifunctional feature of an oven toaster griller makes it a favourite among home chefs since they can start baking the most complex dishes, such as a crispy pizza with perfectly brown cheese or a gooey brownie with a perfectly cracked top. Those who love the taste of barbecue but do not have space to use an open grill can resort to the identical taste and charr of tandoori dishes made in the OTG. Even those not keen on cooking can use the OTG to keep their food warm or reheat it perfectly.

  • Cost Effective

An OTG is often cheaper than a convection microwave or a traditional oven. Depending on the size, capacity and additional features you want in the OTG, this appliance can offer competitive prices, making you want an OTG due to its other benefits.


From its baking prowess to grilling finesse, an oven toaster griller caters to a wide range of culinary needs while remaining an energy-efficient and space-saving option for most families. Suppose you want an appliance that can support your everyday cooking needs while elevating your culinary expertise and allowing you to create mouth-watering dishes on special occasions. In that case, an OTG is the best option for you.

James Vines

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