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7 Things To Do Before Moving To Another Province/State

A move can be as complicated as it is exciting. When you are moving to another province or state, you need to take care of a variety of organizational details. With many steps to plan and problems to address, it’s easy to overlook important issues.

To make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible, you need to have a clear plan. When writing it down, don’t forget to add these important points.

1. Apply for a License

If you are moving to another Canadian province, you need to apply for a new driver’s license. Each province issues its own licenses. Once you arrive, you may have only 60 days (for some provinces like Ontario) to 90 days (for B.C.) to change your license. So as soon as you know your new address, you can apply for a license replacement.

Check out how long you have to change the license in the province you are moving to and make arrangements in advance. In most cases, you would need to appear in person and take an eye test.

If you are moving to another state in the U.S., you may have as little as 30 days to exchange your license. The time limits vary from state to state.  

While you are dealing with the license, find out what needs to be changed on your car insurance as well.

2. Find the Right Moving Company

Whether you need to hire a moving company or simply rent a truck, you need to do this in advance. According to experts from Torex Moving, Toronto Movers, it may be hard to book the moving company for the right date if you leave the arrangements for the last minute. Popular days like the weekend or holidays can be booked for weeks in advance.

Since it takes a while to find the right moving company, read reviews, compare prices, etc., try to start looking a month before the move.

3. Make Arrangements with Local Providers

When you move to a new home, you want to be able to use such services as the internet, TV, landline, and more. Dealing with all the new providers on the day of the move could be frustrating. Meanwhile, living in an unconnected home could be inconvenient.

Find out which service providers are available in your new state or province and sign all the necessary contracts. You should also inform your current providers about your upcoming move to make sure you aren’t still charged for their services after moving out.

Take care of agreements with providers of such utilities as water, electricity, gas, sewage, and the like.

4. Change Your Address

Before you move, you need to update your address to make sure none of your mail gets lost. Try to update your address at least a couple of weeks before the move since the process may take time.  

USPS allows you to change the address online. For a small fee, you can fill out a form and get an address change confirmation sent to your email. Alternatively, you can go to your local post office and fill out a form in-person.

5. Inform Your Healthcare Provider

You need to make sure your healthcare provider knows about the move so you can get the necessary services without any delay when needed. If you are moving out of the province or state without changing your insurance, you still need to inform your doctor. You can do it simply by calling the doctor’s office.

Consider getting refills of your prescription medications before the move.

6. Register Your Pet

In some states, you need to register pets after moving. Before the move, make sure to find out your new neighborhood rules about pets. If you are moving into a condominium, the condominium association may have pet-related rules and procedures as well. You may need to prove that all vaccinations have been done on time.

7. Research Transportation Options

Even if you have a car, knowing how public transportation works in your new state or province can be helpful. Find out about popular commute times and traffic issues to plan your movements in advance.

Final Thoughts

Besides packing, hiring movers, and planning your route, you need to take care of many organizational details. By keeping the above seven things in mind, you can ensure a worry-free move.


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