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7 Tips to Make Your Move Easier This Fall

Moving to a new location is an exciting and memorable moment in life. No matter the reasons for your move, fall is a good time. The costly summer season is over, and you won’t have to care about breaking your bank account to reach your destination. However, even if the situation favors you, it’s good to plan earlier to have an easy move. Plan in advance because every season comes with its share of challenges.

Negotiate on the Moving Costs

The fall is a season that comes with pocket-friendly moving charges. The rush is over, and moving companies are now relaxed with reduced prices. There are more trucks, and the crew is readily available. If you want to move easily, it’s essential to shop around and compare prices to get the most affordable costs.

Whether you plan to rent a truck or hire the entire moving team, ensure you start earlier to avoid ambushing the moving company. Luckily some companies offer discounts when you book in advance, especially now that many people are not moving in the fall.

De-Clutter Earlier Enough

So, you have many belongings ranging from clothes, appliances, furniture, and other valuable items. Sort out the essential items that you’ll need and remove the non-essentials. You can choose to donate or sell them before time. Starting to de-clutter earlier will give you ample time to know what you need.

Reconsider the Storage

If your location has fluctuating weather conditions, you may not predict the exact weather as you move. In this case, you need to consider putting some of your belongings in storage during the move. Doing this will help you prioritize and pack the essential items you’d want to use and leave out what you may only need during summer or spring.

Remove the bulky items that you’ll not need urgently, such as outdoor furniture, barbecues, and gardening tools, among other belongings. This will help you move easier, comfortable, and quick, and you’ll be able to pack everything at once. Not to mention that it’ll make things easier once you arrive.

Get Ready for the Season

Moving involves many things, and you might forget taking care of your body, especially during unfavorable weather conditions. Don’t forget to dress for the occasion. While planning earlier, identify what you’ll wear right after the move. Pack clothes and shoes according to the prevailing weather conditions and make sure you keep them at an easy-to-access location.

Get your raincoats and snow gear ready. Talk to your moving company so that they know where to place the items upon arrival in your new apartment. Don’t forget to check the weather conditions of your new location so that you make informed decisions concerning your wear.

Ensure the Utilities are in Place

Moving involves many ups and downs, and the last thing you’d want is getting to your new location before setting up utilities like gas and electricity. Ensure you set up the utilities in advance since the process of opening new accounts can be prolonged, making your stay uncomfortable, especially when the temperature drops. Find out how you’re required to settle the utilities so that you have a warm, comfortable, and bright home when you arrive.

Have Cleaning Items by Your Side

Be prepared to experience a lot of leaves and dirt when moving during the fall. Meaning, you’ll need to have paper towels, sponge mops, and a broom by your side ready to clean up. Keeping up with cleanliness will give the movers ample time when moving items in and out of the track.

Keep an Umbrella Close

Mother Nature is inevitable, and you can experience rainfall at any time during the move. That said, ensure you have umbrellas and various coverings to keep your furniture and boxes from rain that can easily damage your belongings. You don’t want to reach your new home and start buying things afresh.

The Bottom Line

There’s nothing as frustrating during the move as the last-minute rush. It distracts your plans and makes the moving idea complicated. So, get ready in advance and get a seamless and comfortable, satisfying moving experience in the fall.

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