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7 Ways Technology Helps You Save Money


7 Ways Technology Helps You Save Money

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New technology is being created and introduced every day. These days, just about anyone can create an application. There are also new software and digital gadgets being introduced into the market all the time.

New technology comes with advanced features which help to make life that much simpler. Applications have definitely been a blessing with regard to saving money on simple everyday things.

How Applications Save your Dollars

save moneyHere is a closer look at how apps have helped in saving you significant amounts of on a daily basis.

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File Sharing Apps

File sharing used to be such a drag in the past because most of the platforms came with restrictions. A file that was considered too large, for instance, could not be sent or shared. Some free file sharing applications that have made file sharing a breeze include the following:

  •       Dropbox
  •       Xender
  •       shareIt
  •       Pushbullet

Some of these apps have no restrictions on the size of the file to be shared. Android and iOS devices have Xender and Pushbullet while dropbox is available on PCs for sharing files online across computers.

You are provided with a folder on your PC where you can store your files. You can access your dropbox from your other computers as well as from your mobile devices.

Voice over Internet Protocol Services (VOIPS)

There are lots of applications that allow the user to make voice calls via a broadband internet connection. These calls are usually free. All you need is an internet connection. Some of these apps include:

  •       WhatsApp Messenger
  •       Facebook Messenger
  •       Skype
  •       Viber
  •       Telegram
  •       Google Voice

Many of these services even allow you to chat for free especially if your call is a domestic one.

Music Playlist Makers

You no longer need to have stacks upon stacks of CDS or even music players taking up space in your house. All you need is a site such as Mixtape.me with which you can create your own specific playlists. Other apps include:

  •       My Playlist Maker
  •       HABU Music
  •       PaceDJ

All these apps save you tons of cash as you do not have to buy CDs and MP3 players to access your favourite music. HABU creates your playlist according to the mood of all the songs while PaceDJ creates your playlist based on your heartbeat per minute! It is amazing that such apps with these amazing features can be created.

Video Streaming Applications

The internet has made it possible for video streaming services to be available. Applications such as Hulu, Netflix and Showmax give users access to their favourite shows at even cheaper rates than broadcast service providers.

These streaming services provide the service free for the first month after which you are expected to pay a small subscription fee every month.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Hello impulsive shoppers! Technology has made it possible for you to remodel your home or room before leaving your home to buy furniture and other items.

Virtual and augmented apps allow you to move items around in your house and place them where you would like them to be before you purchase them. This allows you to buy only the items that will fit and save you from buying unwanted furniture.

Some of these features include:

  •       Foschini’s @home AR app
  •       Roomle from Apple
  •       View in Room from Wayfair

Money Transfer Apps

Some of the apps to go for include:

  •       Western Union
  •       Remitly
  •       Transferwise
  •       InstarReM
  •       WorldFirst

These are online money transfer apps that save you the cost of a trip to the branches to get some cash.

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Free Book-Reading Apps

Books can be very expensive to buy. In addition, they take quite a bit of storage space as most book lovers want to hoard their hardcopies. One of the heaviest boxes you will have when moving is the book one.

Book reading apps are therefore a great relief for those who love their stories. A few book reading apps that bibliophiles would find priceless include:

  •       Overdrive
  •       Goodreads
  •       Scribd
  •       Shelfie

These apps will allow you access to some of the most amazing reads. They also come with amazing features such as the ability to see what your friends are reading in the case of Goodreads.


Some of these apps may not be free as they may require you to pay a small fee at the end of the month. However, they save you a lot in terms of higher fees for similar services, buying hardware as well as travelling for the services.


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