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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Wi-Fi and Speed up Your Internet

Isn’t it true that your internet has to deliver more than ever before, from Netflix and YouTube to TikTok and Instagram, and that too without skipping a beat? To top it all off, a lot of us have even started inviting a brigade of other smart technologies, such as smart lights, speakers, and thermostats, into our homes. 

Can you afford a slow internet connection in this high-paced environment? Of course, not! 

So, what is the way to everybody’s happiness in such a situation? A great internet provider that offers amazing deals at affordable rates – Charter Spectrum, to name one. This company hands out superior download speeds for all internet users in addition to a slew of other services. Besides opting for a better ISP option, you can also upgrade your Wi-Fi and speed up the internet yourself. Stick to this post and look at some of the most convenient and effective ways you can get this done. 

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Let us get started then!

Below are the 7 tips to speed up your internet:

Go For An Ethernet Cable

We often forget that wires still exist and they are not that bad. Especially when it comes to an Ethernet cable. No doubt, wireless connections are convenient and amazing but they are not always the fastest. 

Why are cable connections faster than wireless ones

Well, it is because they directly send a signal to your device instead of depending on over-the-air transmissions. The best part is that large fish tanks or other devices do not affect them. Cable connections are specifically much better if you tend to watch data-intensive media on your TV, such as streaming videos.

Ethernet is also more secure than Wi-Fi by default. So, if you want to keep your banking information completely secure, this is your best friend.

The only issue with Ethernet cables is that they bound you to a place, but that is okay as long as the speed is great. 

You can connect these devices to your Ethernet cable:

  • Desktop/Laptop
  • TV
  • Xbox and PlayStation

Talking about PlayStation and Xbox, a wired connection is the best for gamers. There is nothing worse than losing a boss fight mid-way. This is why you should play with an Ethernet cable.

Keep the Connection Secure

Now, this might seem obvious, but you still need to ensure your connection is password protected. 

Leaving your Wi-Fi unsecured is a bit like shouting out the numbers on your credit card every time you use it. Know that eventually, someone will be able to access it and you do not want that to happen ever.

Today, most internet providers offer routers with a built-in password feature. Thus, it is easier to ensure that unauthorized users cannot access your bandwidth from right under your nose.

Start Moving Your Router

Is your router closer to the devices connected? If not, move it right away, and you’ll avert bad connections, screens freezing, and slow downloads. On the other hand, if there are objects, such as walls, doors, furniture, and more standing between your router and your devices, then change the placement of the router, such that it faces no impediments in its way. Moving your router physically can make a huge difference in speeds and how far a transmission can reach. Find the perfect spot with no interruptions and experience the wonders for yourself. 

It is also a great idea to apply creative cabling in order to get your router in a much better place. The aim is to get all the main devices, such as gaming consoles, computers, and laptops together while leaving others that do not need high bandwidth, where they are.

Mount your router halfway up a wall if there is no flat surface nearby and keep it away from electromagnetic devices, like baby monitors, microwaves, and wireless keyboards.

Upgrade Your Router

Routers differ in terms of functionality and price. However, your job is to see how far your wireless broadcast goes. For instance, if you have a huge space, whether an office or even a big house, you are better off with a long-range router rather than pairing with repeaters, which broadcasts signals into the farthest reaches of your house or office. Conversely, smaller spaces can get this sorted out with a much simpler system. For bigger ones, mesh networks work best because you install multiple router nodes at different distances. 

Looking for recommended routers and mesh network systems? Here are a few options to consider: 


  • TP-Link AX6000
  • Netgear Nighthawk AX4 and AX8

Mesh Network Systems

  • Netgear Orbi system
  • The Eero Wi-Fi system

Restart Your Router

You might have read about this trick multiple times on the internet. Does it work? You have to try it for yourself. If you ask us, it does make a difference. To what extent? Let us find out.

Restarting your router every now and then sounds like a pseudo solution to all computer-related problems, which sometimes works, too. However, experts say rebooting your router every hour to speed up the internet will not affect the speed. 

So, only reboot occasionally when the connectivity is down because of radio interference; otherwise, follow the aforementioned tips. 

Get a Wi-Fi Extender

If you find upgrading your router or moving it around a tedious job and you can afford to spend a little money, go for a Wi-Fi extender. 

So, how exactly do they work?

The process is quite simple. Connected to an external wall socket, these devices tap into your router’s wireless network and then extend it. Yes, that is all.

Wi-Fi extenders are fast and easy to set up, convenient for usage, and instantly get rid of dead wireless areas in your home. Keep in mind that the repeated or extended signals will not be as robust as the ones coming straight out of the router. So, it is important to position the extenders carefully. Try to connect devices that do not require a great amount of bandwidth to these extenders.

If you are looking for options, know that there are plenty of them out there. For instance, Netgear EX7300 is good. Similarly, Linksys AC1900 works well as long as you know how to match the maximum supported Wi-Fi standard to your router. You can find more of these that are compatible with your devices at amazing prices. 

Consider Electrical Wiring

Looking for an alternative to a Wi-Fi extender? How about electrical wiring, then?

You can use a powerline kit instead of an extender. The electrical wiring can carry digital signals, and powerline devices can take advantage of this fact.

To use a powerline, connect a plug to a wall socket and then attach the plug to your router. You can create a wireless or wired connection to any other room in your house by adding another powerline plug. Although speed will be reduced, this is a simple and effective solution. You may be able to do this if your home is not too old, but be sure to choose a retailer who has a good return policy just in case.

Concluding Remarks

We know how frustrating and physically painful slow internet speeds can get. Therefore, we have done some research and prepared this precise guide to help you get through it. Use these tips and continue binge-watching your favorite show.


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