8 Ways Your Mobile Phone Keeps You Safe

Did you know that Apple sells hundreds of millions of iPhones each year? This might explain why it seems like every other person you see out in public has an iPhone in their hand. Regardless of what type of mobile phone you have, these devices can play a large role when it comes to keeping you safe.

Let’s take a quick look at how having a cell phone can protect you in the future.

1. You Can Stay in Touch With Family and Friends

As you might guess, one of the most notable benefits of having a cell phone is the ability to stay in touch with family and friends. In the event that you are in an unsafe location, you can call them to come and pick you up.

You can also notify them ahead of time if they need to be aware of what you are doing or who you are with. For example, many people choose to text friends or members of their family before they go on a date with somebody new. Doing so can play a large role in keeping you as safe as possible.

2. You Can Use GPS Tracking

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to describe your exact location to somebody over the phone.

However, GPS tracking allows you to share your current position with someone else. A common scenario could involve somebody sharing their GPS location after their car breaks down on the side of the road. This isn’t the only use the GPS tracking provides, however.

It’s also possible to use this technology to track your phone if it is lost or stolen. It’s even possible to track and iPhones location based on its phone number. You can read the full article here for more information.

3. You Can Access Help Quickly

Having the ability to get in touch with emergency services quickly is crucial.

There is simply no alternative in many scenarios. A cell phone with reliable service can often be the difference between whether or not you receive help. Of course, this will be more relevant for some people than others.

Those who spend much of their time alone or those who travel long distances on a regular basis will be more likely to require help. Regardless, it is still a great aspect to consider.

4. You Can Take Photos and Videos For Evidence

This comes into play during a wide variety of circumstances.

For instance, if you witness a crime, having access to the ability to take photos or record videos makes it much easier for law enforcement officials to investigate what happened. It also provides evidence that can be used in court if necessary.

Even though it is far from a guarantee that the person responsible will be caught, having this option available is still beneficial.

5. You Can Have Access to Safety Apps

With the invention of app stores, it is now possible to download apps that can be used to stay safe. The type of app will vary depending on the user’s needs and interests. For example, there are apps that allow users to alert the authorities if they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Other apps provide information about safe places in areas that you may be unfamiliar with. By having these types of apps available, it is much easier to stay out of harm’s way.

6. You Can Set Safety Reminders

Whether it’s setting an alarm or an emergency notification, many mobile phones allow users to set reminders. This can be very useful in a variety of scenarios. It is possible to set a reminder for yourself that will alert you if you are going somewhere you should not be alone or with somebody who might put your safety at risk.

Additionally, you can set reminders to take a break from your phone if you are spending too much time on it.

7. Access to Emergency Contacts

If you need to get in touch with somebody quickly, it can be difficult. But with a mobile phone, you have access to a list of emergency contacts that can help. This could include the local police department, a family member or friend who is close by, or even an ambulance service.

This eliminates the hassle of trying to remember phone numbers in order to reach out for help. You can also set emergency contacts for other people to use in the event that you are unconscious or otherwise unable to use your phone.

These are often denoted differently in a phone’s contacts list, and you can typically specifically search for emergency contacts.

8. You Can Use the Flashlight Feature

Mobile phones offer a convenient flashlight feature that can be used in scenarios that require extra visibility. This could range from searching for something you dropped to providing extra lighting when walking through dark areas late at night.

While this isn’t necessarily the most safety-related option on the list, it is still beneficial to have access to the feature in an emergency.

Don’t Neglect These Features of Your Mobile Phone

By using a mobile phone, you are giving yourself access to many features that can keep you safe in any situation. Be sure that you keep the above list in mind so that you know which tools to use in the future.

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James Vines

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