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Adult Day Care Services You Should Know.

For people who have an elderly parent living with them but need help to allow them to go to work or perform other necessary activities, adult daycare is just the best choice for your seniors. 

Adult daycares are facilities structured in a way to assist caregivers to care for seniors without much exertion. Adult daycares are mostly for seniors who can’t live independently at home, need more social interaction, want to overcome loneliness, and also don’t require much home care service. Adult daycares are structured in a way to allow seniors to easily socialize with each other while receiving necessary care and assistance. You can as well check here for San Clemente Assisted Living.

There are three types of adult day care services, they are; 

Social Day Care 

These facilities are focused on enriching and promoting good adult life through various social activities aimed at interaction and engagement. 

Their daily activities involved creativity through art and crafts. Entertainment through music and group sing-along. Exercise and yoga services, games, outings, books, movies, and current affairs discussion in groups. Birthday celebration and nutritious meals. 

Also, in these facilities, seniors are offered transportation to and fro from the center, different recreational activities as mentioned above, on-site medical assistance such as blood pressure monitoring and vision screening. 

Adult Day Health Care 

These facilities offer medical services, physical, occupational, and speech therapy to seniors. They are mostly staffed with qualified health professionals that provide frail or sickly adults battling with physical, mental, or social problems associated with stroke, isolation, depression, loneliness, or such other conditions with the opportunity to meet and interact with other seniors with the same ailments while enjoying daily living in convenience and supervised settings. 

These facilities are for adults who are above 55 years of age and are certified by their physician to require nursing home care level before admission. 


Alzheimer’s and Dementia Day Care 

These facilities provide various social and medical services specifically for seniors with cognitive challenges. In these programs, seniors are saddled with necessary and appropriate activities for their functional abilities. They are always put in a secure environment to avoid wandering while staff and aides are specialists in dementia care. 


Benefits of Adult Day Care Services 










Before considering opting for adult daycare, you must consider the needs of your loved ones. Why types of assistance do they need, is it medical or just personal care, and if social activities are good for them? 


Also, you should consider your own needs, be it general support, some alone time, or assistance with transportation? The above questions will help you in determining which types of care are necessary and needful for your senior adults.


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