Advantages of Investing in Ripple (XRP)


Financial analysts and crypto experts see Ripple’s future potential to overtake its biggest competitor, SWIFT. It strives to make global digital payments more reliable, standardized, and secure. In one of his interviews, one of Ripple’s co-founders, Chris Larsen, said it would take time to replace SWIFT and deemed the system inefficient for payments. Larsen also depicted the intention of Ripple (XRP) to make the financial system better, although governments and the crypto space should expect some disagreements on the cause.

That said, are there benefits of investing in Ripple (XRP)? Many analysts and investment experts think Ripple has attractive future potential to serve new and existing traders. Here are some advantages to help you decide if it’s worth investing in the network.

Ripple (XRP) Is Affordable


According to the current trading numbers for Ripple, it is now cheaper and affordable to many users. A few hundred bucks would gather you a significant amount of Ripple. If you put in 100 USD, for instance, you would get more than 400 coins.

Ripple (XRP) market uprising saw it hit a $3.10 all-time high in 2018, and people started buying xrp with PayPal and venmo. That and positive market trends make analysts believe in its promising potential to surpass the 1,000 USD mark in the next decade. Investors are optimistic about massive profits, considering the coin’s low price and surging market influence. Compared to cryptocurrencies, Ripple is better placed to provide low-risk payment options without compromising return investments.

Ripple Has Vast Problem-solving Opportunities


Many banks and financial organizations look up to Ripple to address some transactional concerns. It includes hastening capital flow worldwide to boost economic growth. Perhaps small-scale business owners should consider Ripple for their economic agenda. It would increase XRP’s market adoption, benefiting millions of startup entrepreneurs and sole traders by enhancing easy access to the global economy.

Wide Market Cap is an Added Plus


Ripple’s market cap of about 50 billion USD places it sixth on the list of top cryptocurrencies worldwide. It shows many people are confident and comfortable with investing in the coin for massive gains. Subsequently, Ripple continues to be more volatile and more brutal to market dips and fluctuating cycles.

Ripple is More than Crypto

Ripple is not a common cryptocurrency compared to Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the likes. The network’s diversified technology makes it a fully-fledged organization to better global payment systems. It has enough workforce, from more than 600 employees to public relations experts, technologists, sales and marketing specialists, to expose the system’s worth to the public, financial institutions, and potential and existing investors.

The Network Has Stable Connections Backing It

Ripple has multiple investors and partners backing it from all green corners of the planet. That gives it a better standing in the cryptocurrency market, and essentially, it might be more likeable than the popular Bitcoin. Today, it prides itself in serving the biggest financial partners, which is just a drop in the ocean. Its recent announcement to create several private ledgers would enhance transactions faster and efficiently. It is likely for Ripple to attract more institutions, including private endeavors, with its proactive XRP ledger.

James Vines

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