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Affordable Ways to Travel around the Globe

If you always dreamed of traveling around the globe but have not actually done so because you thought that it was expensive to travel, then think again. You don’t really need to win a lottery or spend loads of money to travel as you can look for a cheap private jet charter.

You can now travel to all the destinations on your bucket list on a budget. So, here are some ways by which you can travel and go sightseeing around the world cheaply.

Look for Budget Destinations

When choosing places to travel to, look for countries with a lower cost of living such as Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Columbia, Portugal, etc. Not only are they unique and safe places to travel to, but very affordable too.

The accommodation, food, transport, etc. are considerably cheaper, which can allow you to save in these countries and you can spend it when you get to more expensive countries.

Travel with Friends

Nothing can be more fun than traveling with your besties. Hiring the best immigration agents is the only way by which you can save money on all the costs of accommodation, car rentals, groceries, activities, etc., and make your travel a lot cheaper.

Book in Advance

This can be a great way to save money on travel expenses and you can further reduce the costs by booking your travel via low-cost carriers. This is an excellent way by which you can save money and even if you sacrifice a few hours of traveling comfort, the money saved is well worth it.

Travel During Off-Peak Times

Traveling to places during off-peak times is the best way to travel cheaply, which means that you’re going to travel to places during winter or fall. Do your homework and find out the times that are less popular in various countries. This way you’ll get tickets, as well as accommodation at very cheap prices.


In recent years, couch surfing has become very popular. Many locals are happy to let travelers stay in their homes for very cheap prices. You can check out couch surfing websites, which are usually free for both travelers, as well as people wanting to let out their homes.

These accommodations are usually quite cheap and you may also get free meals in some places, allowing you to save a lot of money. Couchsurfing is a great way to meet new people on your travels around the globe.


World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms or popularly known as WWOOF consists of a network of organic farmers across the globe looking for workers to work on their farms in exchange for free lodging and food as compensation.

WWOOFing is a great way to commune with the outdoors and explore your destination in great depth while meeting plenty of people. Some of the popular WWOOF destinations include countries such as Italy, France, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and Costa Rica.

Sleep in Large Dorms

Hostel dorms are probably the cheapest accommodation you’ll find when traveling on a budget. A great way to save money, the larger the dorm, maybe with 12 to 18 beds, the cheaper it is. However, this could be a challenge to get a good night’s sleep, especially if you’re a light sleeper. So, do some research and find a quieter dorm.

Sharing Economy

You can find cheaper places to stay, rideshare options, inexpensive tour guides and cheaper meals by using sharing economy options. You can check with the locals who can help you find cheaper and better deals such as cheapest supermarkets, hole-in-the-wall bars and restaurants, the best sales in town, etc. You can also use popular websites such as Airbnb, Turo, RVShare, Campspace, BlaBlaCar, EatWith, etc. to find cheap deals.

Stay with Friends or Relatives

Nothing can be a better way to save money on accommodation in a foreign country than living with a friend or relative, willing to put you up for a few days. This way, not only will you be able to catch up with your family/friends, but also save loads of money in terms of free accommodation, meals and also, you can also get a reliable tour guide and insider tips while sightseeing.

Join a Volunteer Program

If you want to do something good for society and the planet, you can join a volunteer program abroad. A great option for budget travelers, while you may have to pay to join a volunteer program, once you’re in, your meals, accommodation and other costs will be covered. Not to mention that working for a cause is good for your soul too.

Get a Part-Time Job

Getting a part-time job can be a great way to finance your travels. And, if you have a visa or Kosovo e-visa that lets you work and you don’t mind staying in one place, then you can look for a short-term job, which will enable you to earn money while adding to your job experience on your resume.

Parting Words

You don’t have to be rich to travel and see the world. You can easily travel around the globe cheaply. All you need to do is think out-of-the-box and try one or a few things on our list and you’re all set to save money while traveling on a budget.

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