Arab taweez in help of yemenese people

It is not the first time when local and international media covered the existence and use of Arab amulets in different parts of Yemen, which have been practiced for centuries throughout history.

Yemen, a country in Arabia, is home to one of the poorest regions on earth that includes displacement prevalent across the world. Unfortunately, with bombings widespread across the country it can be very difficult for many Yemeni families to find help in their daily struggle as they lose everything they own and even worse they risk life every day. Yemen is facing a serious humanitarian crisis, with food and water shortages, devastating disease outbreak, and the rise of violent extremism. It’s for this reason some people turn to prayer during hard-times as a way back from their bad situation into good moral ground despite poverty or lack of resources. For these people talisman are easy financial solutions mainly because it doesn’t require anything else but belief for it taken to be effective which accordingly makes it a more acceptable option during such trying times, as they’re inexpensive and can be purchased for as little as 5 USD.The talismans are an important part of Islamic culture which have been around for over a thousand years.

In 2014, the First Deputy Speaker of Yemenese Parliament, Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, said that the taweez has been used for centuries in Yemen to bring happiness and good luck.According to al-Ahmar, there is no religious texts that prohibit taweez as Saudi clerics claim. In Yemen, the taweez is considered a religious tradition and is often believed to bring happiness and long life. Arabian taweez can help with any aspect of daily life. It has the power to create harm or good. The taweez has been a part of Yemeni society for centuries. The taweez includes religious verses, Quranic quotes or prayers written on paper with ink or other colors such as gold, silver, green and red. They are usually placed under beds, near the door, on work desks and in cars. In Yemen, taweez are considered as a mean of protection against harm and theft, and is believed that they are able to attract clients who are searching for assistance. Infatuations for the power of taweez is one of the most fascinating and perplexing mysteries that exists in the world today.

While the suffering caused by the civil war has severely impacted everyday life for Yemenis, the power of taweez is never ending and provides a bit of relief in every situation. “The more people have access to taweez, the more power it has, so the one who has power is constantly fighting to get more power and keep it.” Ali Abulhawa explained.

Amani Mansoura was a few days from her son’s death, when soap seller Asid Moussa in Aden, suggested to her that they go and buy a taweez to heal him of his sickness. “While I was waiting for my turn to buy a taweez, he came with a taweez in his hand and said it would cure my child’s illness. When I refused to take it and told him ‘I don’t believe in taweez’. She bought the taweez in the end and waited until night when she gave it to her son, who was about to fall asleep. The boy woke up an hour later and said “I am fine.”His symptoms had disappeared immediately after he woke up, she said.Mansoura’s story is not uncommon in Yemen – where a pious belief in the power of Islamic taweez has resulted in a boom industry that has brought millions of dollars a year for the country’s religious clerics and street vendors. Talisman or Taweez, which come in many forms including amulets, discs or rings made from silver, gold or amber and can be found on sale at almost every mosque and madrasa in Yemen, are meant to help heal illnesses ranging from headaches to infertility.

Every day, people with deep religious belief will put all their strength to find something that can alleviate their stress, they find solace in wearing taweez and touching it. This keeps them calm and happy. It is seen as one of the treasures on the human mind and is taken very seriously by Arab society- especially in Yemen, where they are devoted to God before anything else.

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