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Are Webcam Models Using Skype Now for Making Money?

These days a lot of webcam models who perform via adult webcams on live cam sites, are approached for performing over Skype.

Skype shows for money entail both advantages and disadvantages. Before someone decides to plunge into making money offering adult Skype shows, it is advisable to go over everything, including how to get started with adult webcam shows on Skype, to profiting from selling adult live Skype shows.

For webcam models keen on using Skype now, for adult webcam shows, read this quick rundown of the ins and outs, and an easy guide to keep making soaring profits, if earning skyping daily is going to be your jam.

Let’s get past the reservations first and look on the sunny side

Understandably,most webcam models have reservations about using Skype as a platform, as there is an apprehension of getting ripped off, because they are private shows, and out of the regular network. But for the same reason, camming models can charge more for providing an exclusive, intimate show, without worrying about the revenue sharing with the camming network. Besides this, the models only have to pay the payment processing fee.

Simply put, Skype shows for money means models get to keep more share of their earnings. To prevent from getting scammed, one of the adult-friendly payment processors is SkyPrivate. An easy to download and install plugin, it allows camming models to bill their clients on a per minute basis. It allows you to charge basis your choice, so you can customize fees for clients who are your regulars or otherwise. It also equips you to charge on a prepayment basis.

The awesome features don’t end here

You can also create your profile page, advertise and promote your services. Alongside this, other sites worth exploring for selling Skype shows are CamLust and Erotifix.

Refrain from using PayPal for the transactions

While offering adult webcam shows using Skype can be profitable and a recurring stream of income for a lot of camming models, it is important to remember that you do not accept any payment using Paypal.

Your funds in the account can be held for months, if PayPal finds out that it is via an adult show that the money is coming in through. Also, for some menacing client types, it can be an easy way out to first pay money for an adult Skype show, and then call their bank, demanding a chargeback, because anything adult is against the PayPal’s terms of service.

Getting the pricing part right

So, for those who have decided to give this a shot, comes an important question, how to set the rates?

While scrolling on some sites, the standard price rate that you will come across is usually $2-3 per minute. One easy way to do this is to track the minutes you spend in every show, and see if you are selling enough shows to make the money you set out for.

Besides reviewing your pricing structure, it is also important to review your profile and ensure that it is a true representation of what you are offering, and abstain from heavily re-touching your photos. Your profile picture should reflect your appearance accurately. Choosing a high quality photograph that is appropriate for the site and does not contain any banned terms is crucial.

Promotion is another important aspect

While live-streaming websites invest heavily in promotions, here you need to put in some work to drive traffic to your profile. Keep your followers in loop of your schedule, and leverage your social media to promote your Skype shows.

Hopefully, these insights will help you to get your foot in the door. So get the ball rolling, then!

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