Are you thinking about refinishing your furniture? Think about reupholstering furniture as well

Decorative furniture refinishing

When restored to immaculate condition, most vintage furniture may appear stunning. You may revive a piece of furniture that looks worn out by refinishing it. Furniture reupholstery upholsterers Brookvale is another option to think about if you truly want to give your furniture a facelift. Thus, the original charm of old furniture is preserved while getting a fresh look. By doing so, you can make a piece that would otherwise be fairly dull more distinctive and fashionable.

The reupholstery of furniture

Nevertheless, you should confirm that the furniture is not a valuable antique before you conduct any furniture reupholstery. Reupholstering furniture can occasionally lower the value of some items, particularly if they were made or created by a reputable company and are regarded as works of art. Refinishing furniture would be advised in that situation.

Refinishing and reupholstering furniture have many benefits

  • A piece of furniture that has some wear and tear, such as scrapes and bumps, can be refinished to make it look brand-new and immaculate once more.
  • The value of antique furniture can be preserved by refinishing it.
  • Refinishing furniture can complement other existing furniture in a room by matching the wood.
  • Adding new style to a piece can be achieved by reupholstering it with different fabrics and patterns.
  • A piece of furniture can be made more functional by reupholstering it.
  • In addition to updating an antique piece of furniture, you can follow some of the latest furniture trends by reupholstering it.

Restoring, reupholstering, and recovering antique furniture

Furniture that has been restored and reupholstered can be loved and enjoyed every day in addition to adding longevity. Buying gorgeous specimens of upholstered furniture at auctions is a great idea, but occasionally investing in repair and reupholstery is important to ensure the long-term durability of your prized possessions.

First-growth secondary woods like oak and walnut, which have a reputation for being incredibly strong and long-lasting, were used to make English furniture in the 18th and 19th centuries. For the upcoming auction Little Cassionbury: The Collection of Susan Lyall, Christie’s recently commissioned Sidoti Decor in New York City to reupholster, re-cover, and restore a number of pieces. This was done with consideration for the underlying quality of antique furniture.

Examples of what can be done with your antiques with a little investment and creativity include a 19th-century settee, a club chair and ottoman by Howard & Sons, as well as a pair of slipper chairs.

From horsehair to hay, authentic stuffing is available

Traditional padding for antique furniture consisted of a variety of organic materials that ranged in cost and quality. Horsehair, for instance, is a sign of quality because it is robust, long-lasting, and significantly more expensive than the alternatives. It was employed in historical upholstery up until the 19th century. Horsehair stuffing in antique furniture should be preserved as much as possible because it eventually gives the item more personality and value.


Reupholstering furniture is an excellent way to breathe new life into dated pieces of furniture and is also a way to keep using and enjoying ageing furniture rather than throwing it out. There are numerous advantages to reupholstering, including the opportunity to revitalize and update outdated furniture.

One of a kind and requiring skill, the upholstery industry employs skilled artisans. The advantages of reupholstering, which include the following as just a few examples, are unquestionably something you should think about.


Because furniture is pricey, you probably don’t want to replace it. This is particularly true if you own several items because buying them was definitely an investment, and you don’t want to wind up having to spend a fortune when they wear out.

The good news is that you won’t need to do this because reupholstering will allow you to maintain your existing furniture while updating it. Nothing will need to be thrown away, and you can keep using the furnishings you adore. This is a huge benefit because it is difficult to find good, sturdy furniture, and you would be able to reupholster your existing furniture to keep using it instead of buying new pieces.


Trends change, so if you have a piece of furniture you love but are not crazy about how it looks, you can change this feature to make it your style. You can modernize worn-out furniture by reupholstering it so that it matches your current décor and fashion preferences.

This is particularly advantageous if you inherit items from your parents or grandparents because the sentimental value will remain even if the fabric’s pattern or style is altered. While you might not have your grandmother’s aesthetic preferences, you can still use the family heirloom furniture while updating this component.


Due to the abundance of gorgeous fabrics, textures, and colors available, you will have a very wide range of options to choose from. This implies that you will be able to choose from a variety of options and that we can satisfy all of your aesthetic needs. By selecting the fabrics and patterns that you adore, you will be able to personalize your furniture, making each piece distinctive and one-of-a-kind.

You can rediscover your love for your furniture thanks to JENSO Upholstering. Give us a call right away if your sofa needs to be updated or you’re looking for reupholstery near me because we specialize in furniture upholstery, refinishing, and repair.

Ah! It seems like a lot has changed from the furniture you first fell in love with. The shoddy padding, tattered upholstery, faded colors, and creaking wood demand immediate attention. Simply changing the furniture is an option, but the countless memories, distinctive style, and financial constraints may prevent you from doing so. You’ll be glad to learn that having your furniture reupholstered is a great way to give it new life.

In order to reupholster, the original fabric must be removed all the way to the frame. The specialist uses this chance to replace the old springs, stuffings, and padding in addition to tightening all screws. Finally, the furniture is covered in the new fabric of your choice. We’ve highlighted a handful of the many advantages of having your furniture reupholstered below.



Some furniture items with distinctive style and design are purchased with the intention of retaining them for a lifetime. Just because the fabric has started to fade and the level of comfort has decreased doesn’t make them easy to discard. You have the option of having deteriorating portions maintained through reupholstery, allowing you to keep using your favorite furniture items.


A set of furniture is exceptional because each piece enhances the others’ designs and establishes the mood of the space. The aesthetic of the entire set could be hampered by one piece’s ruined fabric. You may easily avoid the headache of having to buy a new furniture set by simply having the specific piece of furniture reupholstered with a similar fabric.


A set of furniture is exceptional because each piece enhances the others’ designs and establishes the mood of the space. The aesthetic of the entire set could be hampered by one piece’s ruined fabric. You may easily avoid the headache of having to buy a new furniture set by simply having the specific piece of furniture reupholstered with a similar fabric.


Furniture with a strong emotional connection that was given as a gift or handed down from previous generations has great significance. Through reupholstery, the historic ottoman, fauteuil, and other nostalgic furniture pieces can be brought back to life and made ready to be passed down to future generations.

JENSO UPHOLSTERY is your best choice

A crucial aspect of caring for your furniture is turning it over to professionals who are aware of its value. Family-run Jenso Upholstering Inc. is a hub for professional reupholstering and interior design services.

We are a group of devoted and amiable design consultants, seamstresses, and upholsterers with over 20 years of experience providing services to clients in Oakville, Burlington, and the nearby areas.

Visit us for services including furniture refinishing, fabric covered headboards, bespoke headboards, patio cushions, custom throw pillows, custom window seating cushions, and marine upholstering. With an eye for the environment, we are ready to help you with our artistic vision and ornamental services.


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