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As Winter Days Become Darker Earlier, BikeVest is The New “Thing” For Bikers

In the East Coast these days, nightfall has started to set as early as 4:30 PM. Given that during COVID-19, people all over the world are searching for ways to stay fit. One of the prime ways individuals have found to do so is by going biking. With the days becoming darker at earlier and earlier times, these bikers are in need of the perfect safety equipment to keep their rides safe and harm free.

BikeVest, a company founded with the purpose of protecting individuals with not only light during their nighttime rides but even directional signals to avoid accidents and communicate with drivers on the road. Now, BikeVest is a leader in protecting COVID-19 impacted civilians, who are looking for a way to stay healthy during the pandemic. 

Subsequently, it’s found to be 99% safer than any other bike vest on the market. Meanwhile, it’s extremely easy to operate, given the wireless controls, allowing bikers not to become overwhelmed with the turn signals as they ride through the night. It can signal left, right, straight, and stop. Preventing biking accidents and allowing others to see where the biker is going. We rank it as the #1 BikeVest in 2020 and suggest it will continue to be a leader in the marketplace come 2021. 

Furthermore, BikeVest works directly with factories and distributors from the origin country of each product to ensure it stays affordable. Eliminating the middlemen, BikeVest is only $50.99. The cost of keeping your safety as well as the lives of others is priceless and well worth the cost. One of the ways this could be used is a great gift for the upcoming holidays or a birthday for a loved one who is a biking enthusiast. It could even save their lives.

Conclusively, it’s seen as one of the top ways to avoid unsafe gyms, while allowing you to get out of the house. Just go for a ride! Yet, everyone should have a safe way to do so during these long winter nights. Don’t forget to bring your BikeVest.


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