It’s obvious that golfer can be themselves as much as they want and when they want to be. As golf evolved into a game for the rich, which cames with professional rules and etiquette that includes everything from attire to how much you are allowed speak. Some rules are found to be for simple common sense (for intance, avoid making a loudly cheer or creating anynoice when someone is about to make a complex shot), others are the tradditions from the past eras (wearing a collared shirt for golfers to play profressionally). Smartphones are new enough and is a necessity nowadays for communication needs so using a phone is still not compromised on the rule book, but they can also be very desruptive so the proper golfer etiquette shall apply.

Things that a professional golfer must observe when carrying a phone onto the greens.

#1: Turn Off Your Mobile Phone

As a matter of choice, just don’t bring a phone you can leave it your locker, or in the car. This is the best way on preventing smartphone distractions, by starting to your self but with no guarantee that others will do the same. If you turn off your phone but still want to carry it with you while in the greens, a belt pouch would be helpful, so just incase of an emergency or any important events, your can easily reach on to your phone and turn it on.

#2: Go Silent Mode

A loud ring of a mobile phone, even though what type of rightone it might be, can be enough to trigger even the calmest golder into raging beasts after a bad swing. Everyone in the golf course should be considerate if it is necessary to take your cell phone with you with a good reason go slient mode and turn off any sound alerts entirely. In caese that you forgot to do it is good to use a leather phone holster so when ever your phone makes a sound you know when to grab it and turn it off.

#3:  Refrain from using Phone on the Course

If you know you have an upcoming or going need to be on a business or personal conversation while on the greens, you can either cut off the conversation until later or just simply reschedule your game.If being on your phone is a must, take your conversation somewhere other than where someone trying to set up a shot, and consider allowing others on the course play through if you know your phone conversation is going to take quite some time.

#4: Use Golfing Apps and Software Responsibly

Using technology these days gives you an edge in the game, thus it can also become a downer. Overusing golfing apps makes the game not that ejoyable at some point. So mind on how much your use your GPS or other apps. If you are just getting  a hold of using technology in the course, practice using it on a days when course is less crowded so it won’t bother ofther golfers too much.


If your Goal is becoming a professional golfer, ofcourse one of the best advantage is when you started young. Younger generations that are more exposed to the game can develope and enhance their skills for a longer period of time.

The key to loving the game at any age is to embrace the sport as fun and enjoyable, professional etiquette, rules, and technique; approaching the game of golf as fun and enjoyable is also the way amateur adults should see it. But one thing both generations always have with them is their mobile phones, today it is the main means of communications and it is necessary for everyone to use their phone for learning, business, personal and emergency purposes. The most convenient way of carrying your phone without compromising your movement and performance in playing the game is by using a leather belt pouch, where you can securely store your device. Golfer most often use a leather phone holsters, it make it easy to know when you grab your phone compared to having it stored in a golf bag where you need to find it together with your other things.

Golf enthusiasts are usually eager to share their enjoyment while in the greens with others, so tagging a friend, or family member with a good sense of humor in sharing their experience is fun, if you are wearing a phone holster you can simple draw your phone at anytime for a good selfie to share.


Proven by years of manufacturing quality leather products, Hengwin, is the best choice for golfer and other outdoor sports or activites that the use of a cell phone is necessary. They offer different types of phone holsters, pouches and bags with convenient ways to carry, leather made to ensure that all products are durable, timeless and serves their purpose.

The next time you will be stepping on  the greens, make sure to carry on a phone holster to make sure you capture the moment when out playing your friends making it more enjoyable, make those memories unforgettable.

Jhon Dareen

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