Benefits of full services moving company in Merced, CA

Moving comes with many complications which people try to avoid. For many, moving can be labor-intensive and stressful especially when we have so much luggage to carry down the stairs.

 Some try to avoid movers and try to carry the load themselves, this has resulted in health problems. If you wish to avoid time wastage and do something useful with your spare time, use a reliable full-service moving company.

Here are some benefits of using a full services moving company to Merced, CA.

What can a full-service mover offer?

Full services movers are firms which offer customers an easy way to move their homes. Movers Merced CA are known to provide their clients excellent services which makes it easier when moving. Here are some of their services :


Full services movers provide expert services which include labor, tape, box and paper. While many moving companies can pack for you, prices vary. You should use a moving service that offers it at good rates.

Furniture disassembly and reassembly

Full-service moving companies also provide the manpower that can help you move all your furniture and assemble them to your new house. They also help disassemble and arrange birds chairs and other interior decoration you want moved m

Auto and Bike Transport

Another option for full-service movers is an auto transport. This service depends on the size and value of your property. They can help move your car and bikes inside a van with your other belongings. If you have oversized vehicles or are very valuable, arrangements can be made with a car haulier to move them.

Disconnect and connect appliances

Many movers can help disconnect and connect appliances and other home electrical appliances. They have staff who have the technical knowledge to engage in these types of tasks.

Storage services

Sometimes, there are contingencies which might require you to make a short-term request for storage of your properties. These contingencies might include your new house not being ready or harsh weather conditions. You can ask your residential movers for a quote before applying for this option.

Special items movement

Full services movers can be of great assistance when you want to move valuable items like high-value arts, collections and jewelry. They are a bit expensive but this would limit the stress you have to pass through and ensure the value is transported safely.

Factors to consider when using a full-service moving company

Before you hire a full-service moving company near you, here are things to consider :

Time factor

Time is vital when moving from your old house to the new house. Scheduling is important to avoid misunderstanding between you and the mover. Try to give the moving firm at least a month’s notice of your desired moving date. This will make you and the moving firm prepared to sort any contingencies.

Do your research

The moving sector has recently been plagued with many scams, you will need to be careful about the movers you use. You can begin with a Google search, followed by checking online feedback from various sources. Check the company experience and how many runs they have made. Check for their reputation and credibility from people who have used their services.

Read customer reviews

Ensure that the full-service moving company you want to use is licensed and has the necessary transport documents. Read from those that have used their services and how they have been able to solve any complaints.

Check for estimates

Reliable moving services Merced CA provide free estimates for their customers. Contact them to visit you and let them give you a quote. Be wary of moving services that only use email, try to get them to call you and do a video call to be sure they are genuine.

Compare quotes

Compare quotes from different moving companies before choosing one. However, be careful of choosing the cheaper option because it’s not always the best service. You will have to consider a company location, reputation and the size of your things when comparing prices.

Benefits of using a full-service moving company

Here are some merits of hiring a full-service moving firm:


Those who have moved before will know the security concerns when moving things from the house. Lifting precious jewels and home furniture needs professionals, this is not something you can do yourself. While moving it yourself, there might be a security breach, that’s why you need to leave it to the professionals.

Health concerns

Lifting huge furniture and other household goods yourself can harm your health. Let professionals help with heavy lifting to avoid unnecessary medical bills when you go through the stress

Damage protection

Some of your household furniture will contain some fragile goods which need to be protected during movement. The full-service mover will know how they can disassemble and assemble the belongings when they reach your new house


Moving can be dirty and messy. This is because a lot of dirt and debris usually falls off during movement. Instead of doing the cleaning yourself, allow the lovers to help clean up after they have cleared out.


When considering moving from your house to another, use reliable full-service residential movers like All in a day movers, they are tested, trusted and fast.



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