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The Best 8 Gear VR Games Of 2018


The Best 8 Gear VR Games Of 2018


In the last few decades, the gaming industry has transformed a lot, but nothing could overcome the craze of people who love to play games. Here are thebest gear vr games of 2018 that we have compiled.

A while ago, we published an article you might want to read on the top vr games without controller support.

A number of additional tools and accessories has launched to increase the thrill of gaming for users, but the addition of motion sensitive Gear VR Controller allowed the gamers to enjoy the games with exquisite pleasure. Although you can attach VR Controller with your mobile while playing any game but in this article, we are going to share a list of the best games in 2018 that users can play by operating the Gear VR Controller.

The Best Gear VR Games Of 2018

Without much ado, here is a lift of the best gear VR games in 2018

A Night Sky

A Night Sky is VR one of best gear vr games worth playing in 2018 because of its  outstanding scenes and features. This VR game allows its users to chase the virtual reality of stars with celebrated joy. However, if you want to play A Night Sky within real time and want to explore all of its stages with great ease then just attach Gear VR Controller with your mobile while playing this game. I hope after the inclusion of a Gear VR Controller, you will love to fight with the mysterious beasts and will joy the gorgeous panoramas of the game too.

Drop Dead

Drop Dead is another top gear vr game of 2018 that is full of action and thrill. While playing this game, players eager to shot the zombies and want to win all missions of the game that is very difficult. However, with the use of Gear VR Controller players can quickly kill all of the zombies within real time and its integration also enhances the engagement level of the user dramatically.


Wands VR game Homescreen

Yes, Wands is also a game that allows players to put Gear VR Controller to increase the intensity of fun while playing the game. Basically, Wands is a multiplayer game where different players were using little complex touch penal, but after the arrival of Gear VR Controller, players can kill the fellow conjurors comfortably.


best gear vr games of 2018 - minecraft

Minecraft is a famous game of Steam and its users are just crazy for it. Players need great focus to win different stages of this Steam game, but with the use of Gear VR Controller, it has become effortless for players to keep themselves focused and fast to achieve their targets within real time.


best gear vr games of 2018 - singspace


As a great admirer of SingSpace, it just sounds impossible to enjoy the virtual reality of SingSpace without the addition of VR Controller. In my opinion, if you are planning to play SingSpace then just attach your mobile with Gear VR Controller of Samsung and use its microphone too. In the same token, to get more joy you can also invite your friends to play this game as it is a multiplayer game.

Panzer Panic

With the use of VR Controller, gamers would always find it tough to destroy the tanks in Panzer Panic. However, many gamers also said that it is easy to play Panzer Panic without a motion sensor, but inexperienced players must use VR Controller to combat with other tanks efficiently.

Base Blitz

If you want to improve your strategy making skills, then Base Blitz is the best game that you must play once in life. Although it is tough to target your fellow creatures with the right strategy in this game the addition of a Gear VR Controller helps the players to improve their focus to target the tanks and opponents in the real time. VR Controller also allows the users to take selected action flexibly.

Dragon Front

In the beginning, various kinds of opinions were circulating among groups of games regarding the use of VR Controller to play Dragon Front, but later, Gear VR Controller proved it successfully that VR is the best attachment to play Dragon Front. However, some of the gamers like to play it with Oculus Rift that is also a reliable tool to explore the virtual reality of Dragon Front in actual words.

In brief, this article presented only a few games that could be played with the addition of the Gear VR Controller. Nevertheless, many other games are also available that could play with the inclusion of Gear VR Controller to increase the pleasure of virtual reality. Hopefully, you will also be benefited by the use of Gear VR Controller while playing all of your favourite mobile games.


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