Best Exercises for Doing On Beach

The Seaside has long been a place of health and wellness. From the days when Hippocrates first prescribed their restorative powers to our present-day obsession with tropical vacations, we have known that there is something uniquely beneficial about spending time at the beach and outside in general. Science has yet to understand the exact mechanisms at work fully, but in this article, we take a look at some of the ways that spending time outdoors and getting active is good for your health. This is not exactly surprising when you think about it – being out in nature is relaxing, which helps reduce stress and anxiety while increasing our stamina and physical limits.

Yoga on The Beach

There is nothing quite like getting some fresh air and sun to begin the day, especially if you have been cooped up in a stuffy office or cubicle all week long. So grab one of those eco friendly yoga mats Australia makes, go outside, and start doing some yoga on the beach. Yoga is very beneficial for improving flexibility, strength, and balance while reducing tension and stress.

Running on The Beach

Of course, physical exercise has been proven to be incredibly good for our bodies – not only can it help us lose weight, but endurance training improves cardiovascular system health. If you have never run on the beach before, it is something that you will want to try at least once in your life. Something magical happens while running, and it might be difficult to put into words or explain but doing this brings a feeling of immense happiness and peace as though all of life’s problems suddenly don’t seem so bad.


When swimming, it works out your whole body. It is an excellent exercise as it leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If you are struggling to get the motivation to exercise, drive down to the beach – a refreshing swim can ease any stresses of lifting all that weight off of your shoulders. With no pressure to perform or look perfect, swimming is a fantastic workout. The health benefits that you get from swimming are too many to list. Swimming helps improve your cardiovascular system, boosts your energy level, and even burns calories. Aside from just losing weight, it also tones the whole body and relaxes the mind.

Squats On The Beach

Squatting in the sand can be quite the workout. The sand can be used as an extra resistance for any other exercises such as walking lunges, step-ups, and even dumbbell squats. You may first find yourself using lighter weights for these exercises because of how difficult it is to squat on the sand.

Exercising on The Beach

Exercising on the beach is another form of exercise you can do that will help get your heart pumping and keep your legs in shape. Walking, running, or even brisk walking with weights or a backpack is something you can do while on the beach, depending on what type of workout you want to do. Most exercises on the beach work all of your body and work on your cardio-vascular.

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