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The best gaming apps for Android 2018


The best gaming apps for Android 2018

The best gaming apps for Android 2018

The Best Gaming apps for android devices are there to add fun and entertainment to the life of smartphone users. We all love playing games and who can ignore a good match. Smartphones have made it super easy to install various games on your smartphone and play for free. Most of the games are for entertainment purpose only, but some games are educational as well.

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The best gaming apps for Android


This is by far one of the most popular and professional gaming apps. There are so many casino gaming apps available online that will help you try your luck. You will learn how to play casino games and beat others. The beauty about casino games is that it not only entertain you but also fill your bank balance.


PUBG is one of the most popular gaming apps. There are people that might say it is even better than the PCversion a multiplayer game where upto 100 people participate to win. It is a shooting game. Players in this game battle on an island. They collect gears, weapons, and vehicles.  PUBG is also available for low-quality smartphones. You can use a lighter version of PUBG.

Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go was launched in 2016, and it became the most popular game ever. The game was designed to hunt or find pokemons. It is a free game for android devices. Players spend time finding Pokemon in the real world. You will love to enjoy the new addition of Pokemon Go. There are many Pokevision Alternatives for Pokemon Go to find pokemons near you easily.

NOVA Legacy:

NOVA is a favorite first-person shooting game for android devices. It is the highly favorite android games with graphics. Players love the storyline and way how you play this game. This is a sci-fi based game. Even if you do not want to pay much, you can enjoy the game with freemium version.

Asphalt is a favourite android racing game. If you love to spend time racing with others and in love with cars, then this is the right game for you. Asphalt 9 came out in 2018. You can play with 50 vehicles and participate in various challenges. You can also play a single player or online multiplayer. It is a freemium game.

Clash Royale:

This game was developed by the team behind “Clash of Clans.” Clash royale is the game where you will build decks, collect cards and fight with others. You will win trophies. In this game, you will find everything that is necessary to play a clean game.


PACMAN is an old yet a favorite game among smartphone users. It is a classic arcade game. It’s been four decades since the game was launched. Its new version is available for android users. Playing the game with low graphics is easy.

Final Words:

When it comes to entertaining yourself, you cannot just stick with one game. There are thousands of games available online. I have shared the list of the most popular games for smartphone users. Play the games and let me know which game you like the most and why.


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