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Best Laptops for Teachers

As a professional, you feel that you have a lot of things to give to others, information, ideas, and advice to convey to your friends and maybe trainees. You used to do it offline, but time changes. Traditional teaching and training are gone. Thousands of professional trainers turned to online teaching.

So, to get your job done professionally you will need professional tools. The most important thing is that you need to get one of the best laptops for teachers.

Here I will give you an idea of the specifications of that laptop you have to get.



Yeah, it is one of the most important things you should have, otherwise, your laptop will act like desktops and you will then look for the external webcam. You should go for laptops with HD webcams when teaching online, to let your students or trainees see you clearly. That will help them get clear ideas as you will try to demonstrate things to them.



You should have a good display, you will work on your screen as the whiteboard, so you have to work with relevance. Some deal with codes with small fonts, so there is no sense in having a 10” laptop. Of course, you don’t want to magnify things. You will also show a lot of text from your laptop to your trainees, but you should see it crystal-clear first.


Graphics Card

You should have good graphics card the built-in one is okay unless you are one of those who deal with video editing or illustration programs. Then going for a dedicated graphic card is a must. As designers need to apply some tutorials live, and they don’t want to wait for a long time till the rendering finish.


Necessary Ports

You will have a laptop which is connected via WiFi, but you will also need the network Lan port, other ports you should ensure that your laptop is equipped with are USB of all types, HDMI/VGA ports, and the AUX output/input.


Processor and RAM

I’m having them the last in the list, as it depends, those who need laptops to teach human development online will need average specifications when it comes to the computing and performance power. Designers and video editors will need High Processing power, so they will go high with the RAM and Processors.

These are the specifications you will need in general, unless you have custom needs. Want us to suggest some choices? Here you are!


Laptop Suggestions:

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro is one of these robust machines that work perfectly for online teaching. You will find a lot of versions of this laptop equipped with corei5 processers and 256 SSD hard drive.

The long battery backup time is another thing to go for, also it comes with 4 thunderbolts that you can use a lot of peripherals including external webcam when needed. It is such an awesome choice.


ASUS VivoBook 15

Asus is a good brand you can go for. Especially the VivoBook series. It is one of the best laptops with 10 keys for numbers on the side that works like a charm for the average user. You will get a good webcam, a variety of all the important ports, and the big screen that you will love its colours. Just not that its battery is not the best thing but it’s okay, as it does the job.


Lenovo IdeaPad

Lenovo is the fast-growing company that came to stay. The IdeaPad series is such a great deal for you is online is all that you need. Its display is awesome, you will enjoy it. There are a variety of ports and the average battery backup time is pleasant. Cam resolution is accepted too.


Final Words:

As there are a lot of laptops that will fit your needs for teaching, you just need to be picky and consider the selection criteria we listed here. You can look for extra features but the teaching features should be mandatory.

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