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Best Oracle Cards for Beginners

Like the tarot, oracle cards may help you dig deeper into your own psyche, make sense of a confusing circumstance, and figure out what to do next. Expert tarot and oracle card reader Dawn Marino says that the cards may provide insight, drive, and inspiration. “The words from an oracle card enable the reader to examine a problem and may even provide the chance to modify one’s viewpoint,” she explains. The finest oracle card decks for beginners are discussed, along with some of the most important points to keep in mind if you’re new to using oracle cards.

Oracle cards and tarot may be used to get answers to similar queries, but they are organised quite differently. Tasia White, EdD, an intuitive coach and tarot reader, claims this is the primary distinction.

In contrast to typical tarot cards, “oracle cards don’t follow the usual tarot framework,” as White puts it. There are no oracle cards, either major or minor arcana. The standard tarot deck consists of 78 cards, however other deck sizes are possible. When compared to a tarot deck, they often lack the fifth suit, which would be the pentacles. Still, a tarot-like card set may be used in certain oracle decks. The five suits in the Work Your Light Oracle Deck, for instance, each have unique names and interpretations. Depending on the artist, oracle cards may have best oracle cards for beginners.

Spreads Joy and Optimism

This deck of oracle cards, created by Rebecca Campbell, might help you find clarity if you feel stuck and unable to go forward in the direction of your dreams. There are five suits in this deck, similar to the tarot, however each one has a unique function, as White described above. Depending on your needs, you may consult either the confirmation or inquiry cards for reassurance or the activation or healing or the transmission cards to establish a link to the receptive energies you need. There’s also a manual to help you interpret the cards’ deeper meanings.

When The Moon Is In Each Of Its Various Moods

This deck of oracle cards is a wonderful accompaniment to any moon-based manifestation process. You may “work with the moon’s power to obtain clarity and make better judgments” with this oracle card deck by astrologer Yasmin Boland. All the cards include pictures and cryptic texts for you to decipher. There’s also a manual to assist you learn how to use the deck to its full potential. This deck has sold over 100,000 copies and has received over 20,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

Increases Your Universal Vitality

These beautiful artworks by Rebecca Campbell are sure to appeal to fans of her Work Your Light oracle deck. The 53 cards in the Starseed Oracle deck are works of art, and their cosmic themes and messages are meant to help you feel more at one with the universe. The cards in this deck are concerned with your life’s mission and the path you were destined to walk. It relies heavily on symbolism, making it ideal for those who find it more enjoyable to use their imagination while reading the cards.

Provides Insights About Timeframes

During readings, the query “when?” is a frequent interruption. When is my ex-going to contact me again? Just when may I expect to see the beginnings of a turnaround in my circumstances? Everyone who has ever picked up a book can tell you that issues of time are notoriously tricky and that nothing is ever certain. But if you need reassurance, the Angel Answers oracle deck includes phrases like “during the next several months” and “a year from now” on its cards. There are also short responses like “yes” and “no.” Additional details on each card may be found in a companion book.

Utilizes Color as a Medium for Intuition

The Prism Oracle by Nicole Pivirotto is a tool for accessing your inner wisdom and receiving assistance from the universe for any important life choice. Each of the 45 cards in this deck represents a “distinct energy state.” Take a card, give it some thought in light of the colour and word it contains, and then consult the manual for some more interpretation. It is an easy-to-use deck, making it ideal for novices.

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