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Best Surfing Spots to Check Out in Australia

Are you itching to try something new over the Summer? Want to cool off on the water but not sure where best to go surfing? Check out our list below of the best surfing spots to check out in Australia!

Crescent Head, New South Wales

Crescent Head is located just north of Port Macquarie and is fit for both amateur and professional surfers alike. With waves across the coastline for a 25 kilometre stretch, Crescent Head is the perfect place for surfers who want an immersive, natural experience while keeping all the waves to themselves.

Consisting of four right-hand point breaks, rides can go up to 200 metres, making for an unforgettable surfing experience. Having been a popular surfer destination for a few decades now, you might have even seen Crescent Head already from the movie Hang Ten (2001).

The Pass, Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay is home to many of Australia’s best surfers, both on a professional and adventurous level. Reason being, it houses many of the world’s most dynamic and exciting surfer beaches, one of which being The Pass.

The Pass is located at Clarkes Beach and produces some of the best waves along the strip. Popular with both locals and tourists, The Pass can get pretty busy from time to time, so make sure you choose the right time slot to visit!

The Box, Margaret River, Western Australia

Known as one of the most thrilling and difficult wave courses, The Box is a must-visit beach for more experienced surfers. With its steep transitions from shallow water to deep water, the waves along The Box can get quite dangerous, so make sure you are up for the challenge before surfing first! The Box has the best right-hand barrels with late take offs!

Super Bank, Gold Coast, Queensland

Super Bank is one of many world-class surfer beaches along the Queensland coast. From beginner level surfer beaches like Rainbow Bay, to more advanced sandbars like Super Bank and Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast has it all.

Super Bank in particular is a crowd favourite, due to its long tubes and consistent waves. However, one thing to note is that the best waves are a two kilometre walk from the closest car parking spaces, meaning surfing at Super Bank can be an extremely tiring yet rewarding experience!

Bells Beach, Victoria

Possibly one of the oldest surfing beaches in Australia to date, Bells Beach is the origin of all modern surfing in Australia. Hosting a couple of surfing competitions and events every year, Bells Beach is sure to be a great holiday location for Australian wave lovers.

Waves on the Bells Beach can rise up to over five metres high, and can make for a stunning view along the red clay cliffs. Perfect for leisure surfing as well as professional surfing, Bells Beach is a must visit for surfers in Australia!

Before making your way to any of these surfing spots, first make sure that you are completely prepared with the correct surfing gear. Keep in mind the harmful UV rays from the Australian Sun and bring a wetsuit to keep you safe!

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