Beyond the City Center: The Rise of Suburban Coworking Spaces

Coworking has gained immense momentum in the past few years, and coworking space in the suburbs has high significance in the domestic and international markets. People are investing more in the suburban markets for their coworking spaces because suburban areas have more opportunities for small office spaces than urban locations.

Hence, now the mindset of these spaces limited to urban areas has shifted. Here are a few strategies coworking spaces might use to move their focus to suburbia:

Coworking Office Space in Suburban Areas

Coworking Spaces in Hyderabad can be opened in more convenient areas for professionals who stay away from urban areas for easy access. Thus, it can reduce travel time and offer a more flexible work schedule for people who like to work close to their homes. The demand for these offices has increased significantly since COVID-19 since fewer people prefer traveling to work.

This may look like a new idea. However, it has started to grow more post-COVID-19. Many business leaders believe there will be a future shift in location preferences for shared office space.

Benefits of a Smaller Serviced Office in Suburbs

Until recently, the co-working office spaces were typically located in a large office building or business center that needed employees to travel. Now, these workspaces are opening outside many metropolitan cities and becoming the new favourites. People have started believing that suburban spaces offer better mental health benefits compared to working from home.  

The following are a few advantages of these offices:

● These offices offer more collaboration opportunities.

● It helps people draw inspiration from others, especially on things they are unaware of.

● Plug-and-play office space assists in building strategic alliances.

● Such spaces also provide access to resources and equipment that may be missing in suburban areas.

● Because of their location, they may incur fewer overhead costs.

● Being close to home may offer employees more time to relax and unwind.

● There can be better networking opportunities.

● People can also create better connections, especially with local businesses.

● Employees can also have enhanced involvement with local communities.

What Factors Have Contributed to Suburban Workspaces?

The remote work model is one of the most significant factors contributing to the rise of flex space models. However, besides this, many other reasons exist for suburbs gaining popularity. People are moving to these smaller locations for better quality of life and affordable housing options.

These workspaces provide a flexible option to employees in suburban areas. Thus, businesses can create tailored programs to support their employees how they wish to work. People these days have a great zeal for moving out of their houses, meeting, connecting with others, and having a sense of belonging.

Choosing the Right Place for Coworking Office Space – Location Matters

If you want your office setup to strive in the suburbs, choosing the right place for your setup is highly important. These suburbs are less dense than urban places. So it’s important to select a place that is easily accessible by local transport and has ample parking for those who commute independently. Additionally, considering the proximity of amenities such as coffee shops, restaurants, and essential services


Suburban working spaces have become more popular than coworking spaces in urban locations. Micro Communities are developed as a component of the campus-style suburban coworking office, attracting more auxiliary companies to cater to the employees, which in turn draws more businesses and development.

Despite the challenges of predicting the future of office spaces, especially with the rise in remote and hybrid work arrangements due to the pandemic,finding the right workspace can be difficult.If you are seeking an affordable workspace that meets your requirements, get in touch with iKeva, coupled with they will certainly help you in locating an excellent area for your organization.

James Vines

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