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3 Devastatingly Effective Blog Marketing Strategies For Ultimate Traffic


3 Devastatingly Effective Blog Marketing Strategies For Ultimate Traffic

Blog Marketing Strategies

There are 2 principal blog marketing strategies to obtain maximum traffic! I know I say 3 in the title, however, don’t worry, I’m splitting one of them into two parts!

The first one is syndication. Essentially, this denotes locating as many different places that you may to display your blog post, or even just a link back to your document.

This method works because obviously, the more places people may encounter your content, the more volume you’ll get back to your blog. And because search engines are always searching for new content, posting your articles everywhere scores points with Google.

The second principal plan of action is setting up a network of marketers to share your content with their people. Basically, you’re attempting to engineer as much “social buzz” about your blog as you possibly can. This method works on the grounds that you’re able to use the work of others, and it creates more social validation for you as well as your blog.

Which of these blog marketing strategies functions better? I myself prefer syndication, but I’ll let you conclude for yourself. Here are the strategies:

Blog Marketing Strategies: Syndication

For this one, I’m splitting it into two parts. Obviously, there are thousands of places on the net to blast your content to, but these are a few of my favorites.

The first strategy is to submit to article directories. These websites host content that people like you and me compose and then send to them. These are fantastic for the reason that you can have your entire post out there on the internet for people to locate and it never goes away.

Furthermore, you’re allowed to create what’s called a “resource box” which allows you to have links pointing back to your blog. That produces more traffic, as well as furthermore shows Google that your post is popular, and they’re more apt to exhibit it in the high rankings.

I submit to quite a few distinct directories, but by far the most excellent one is ezinearticles.com. They are the largest and most trafficked on the internet, and they keep great statistics to show how your articles are performing.

The second plan of action is to post a blurb about your document with a link in niche-related Facebook groups. If you’re in network marketing, just type in “network marketing” in the search bar at the top of Facebook, click “see more results” and then sort by groups. Join as many of these as you want!

This functions really effectively because you recognize that the people in those groups seeing your blog blurb are extremely targeted. They’re effectually all going to be people inside your niche!

Blog Marketing Strategies: Social Buzz

The best way, bar none, to have different marketers to share your ideas is to first share theirs. A lot of bloggers check out who shares their content, and then returns the favor.

Also, be sure to leave a comment on their post, and you can even bring up that you shared it. Don’t say you want them to share yours too, or it looks like you’re simply in it for yourself.

So, just head on over to Google and you can search for other blogs in your niche. For network marketing, there are a few good tribes on Facebook. These are essentially places where people show up and syndicate everybody else’s information. Just search for these in the search bar in Facebook, and type in “network marketing tribe” or “MLM tribe”. The key here is to give out others’ content before you post any of your own.

These are easily my 3 favorite blog marketing strategies, and the ones that generate me the most traffic! The more you perform each of these, the more they compound and snowball on each other until you have a very high trafficked site! I’ve met marketers that do just these three aspects (or even simply 1 or 2 of them) and have really top ranking blogs.


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