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Three Most Common Types of Computer Networks You Should Know


Three Most Common Types of Computer Networks You Should Know

computer networks

How do we connect with people? Which computer networks do we use? What should you know about them?

In the 21st century, digital technology has invaded all aspects of human life. The computer networks, as general knowledge, gradually become vital in work, daily communication, and education all over the world. 

Have you ever wondered what kind of computer network which is assisting us in working, telecommunicating, and much more?

In this article, we tell you which and how people applied them on daily life. 


GAN stands for Generative Adversarial Networks which is known as the original and the most massive network of all kinds. 

GAN was invented in 2004 by Ian Fellow based on tools of two different ideas.

GAN, speaking of their role, is to create and discriminate the data and information that people wanted in the beginning. It is a big network that leads us to thousands of search results, understandings, and concepts.

Let’s imagine GAN as two brains which compete to bring out training files. By doing so, they conclude new figures and data for further learning. 


Have you wondered about the network that you use to access the whole world? How can you make a voice chat with a friend who is 10 thousand miles away? How can you see your husband when he is on a business trip? How to track a new place when you are in a new country?

WAN or Wide Area Network is the Internet which connects areas, buildings, and cities, and this network is to help you narrow down the distance between you and your loved ones. 

They use Wide Area NETwork to manage data in a large area of residents. WAN connects, manages, storages, and distributes.


LAN is the most narrowed network among the three. It’s the local area network which means to connect computers in a specific building, organization, or area. 

LAN links domestic users, and WAN connects Local area networks. 

Because of its limitation in terms of distance for approach, LAN cannot let users find out everything happening around the globe. So, does it mean LAN is a weaker network?

LAN cannot link people over the countries, continents or planets but LAN is born for more confidential work. 

That Wide Area Network provides a broad view for search, which means anyone can access. But it contains risks. For example, you use the Internet to log on Facebook, watch Youtube, and search around, but many people can be in the same loop and approach the same thing. That’s how hackers get information. Your identity, accounts, and files are all at risk of being stolen from digital hackers. 

But those jobs become harder with LAN. LAN only accepts registered account to log in and read data. The network, somehow, is under tighter protection, and therefore, it seems harder to break in and steal data. 

LAN is preferred in corporations, schools, departments and even small organizations which need to keep confidential files safe from outsiders. 

How to manage your network?

Most people use the network without knowing how to manage it. 

Let’s answer some questions:

Do you know how to change the password of your home wifi? 

Have you ever checked how many accounts log in your LAN?

Could you administer information on your network?

You can have technicians fix the network or maybe change the new modem. But, there is another way to manage WAN and LAN, it’s to log in the page 192.168.l00.1

Computer Networks

The page is a site for everyone who wants to access personal Linksys router. It’s a default page for all users no matter which network they want to manage. 

If you have model purchased from this vendor, we suggest logging in at the first place to establish the first rules by yourself. 

Each user in the purchase is given a default ID and password to login this site of After your login, the site will help you to keep control of everything happening inside the network, including full right to make changes, cancel, and set up. 

There is some work you might want to do with the site such as: 


The network might go down after establishment. With this site, you can change the password of the wifi. Or furthermore, you are allowed to redo all over settings before creating a new network. 

Govern and communicate among networks

You want to connect your LAN with others, or you want users in the local system to access the Internet. Or, you want files of your firms to be accessible to other groups and so on.

All could be done with this site, or a technician or a new digital service corp. 

How important they are?

As the way people use the system in every aspect of their life, we understand how important it is. 

And without LAN and WAN, the whole work becomes much harder than it is now. 

Confidential and massive storage of data

Both LAN and WAN can become a scientific library for all documents, files, and research. 

LAN is for corporations to store everything confidential. But WAN is more productive with mixed sources. From these two networks, you can approach to almost all knowledge in the world plus with specific data of your concern. 

Flexible source for input and output 

You can easily download and upload data into the network you are allowed to. 

Connective and convenient

By allowing to access to the network, you can view the whole library at any time you want. No matter where you are, on a business trip, or away from the company, you are still able to manage the whole network from afar.

What do we risk in using the network?

Because an accessible wireless network manages the site, that means the data is still in the risk of leaking if hackers intervene. 

Final words

The network plays an essential part in modern life. It helps us with communicating to the world, becoming more productive. Depending on certain demand, there is a suitable network for you.

Ability to access the world’s knowledge means the ability to e tracked. Therefore, besides using them, you should know how to manage them as well.


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