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Tips To Compress Video In The Perfect Way

Video compression is a method through which you can compress a large size video into a much lesser size without causing any issues to the video’s quality. Compressing a video can also help in saving plenty of space on a specific device so that you can store plenty of other files in it. When you compress video online, it will eliminate all the non-functional and redundant information that is present within the actual file. 

By doing so, it will reduce the size of the video, and you can easily watch it on a big screen and your smartphone. The process of compressing a video is not that complex, and it will take several minutes for the compression to complete. 

Importance of video compression

Video compression is conducted through a video codec, which works on either one or more than one compression algorithms. Video compression can remove the presence of repetitive audio, sounds, or images from the video. For instance, when a video you come across has the same audio, sound, and pictures that are played many times, then you can remove it through video compression. Also, if the video has data attached to it that is not important, then with the help of video compression you can eliminate it. 

When a particular video is compressed, then its primary format will also change but will depend on the codec used. You must make sure that the video player must support the format of the video so that you can play it without any interruption or error

How to compress a video with Uniconverter?

When you have decided to compress some of your favorite videos, then you must do with the Uniconverter, which is the best video compressing tool in the market. The process of compressing a video through this software is pretty easy and straightforward. You can take a look at the steps mentioned below!

  • The first thing you need to do is download the Uniconverter software and then install it on your laptop. Once the installation is complete, open the Uniconverter software and go to the video compression area. Press the “+” sign and choose the video that you want to compress.
  • When you add the video file to the interface, then you can change the video’s bitrate, size, and resolution to decrease the file size. Uniconverter also has the option to change the file size, and you can move the slider to choose the compression percentage that will change the file parameters accordingly.
  • Once you have made all the changes to your selected video, you can then select the preview button to view the file preview. In the file location tab, select the destination folder so that you can save the processed file. If everything looks good in the preview section, then you can press the compress button to complete the video compression.
  • You can also compress video files in batches through this particular software. All you need to do is add the entire folder or multiple files through the add-files section. Once you have made all the necessary changes, then you can move forward to the final step of selecting the type of format you need and then start the compression of the video files in batches.

Reasons to choose Uniconverter for video compression

Uniconverter is currently a famous and reputed software that is used for video compression these days. The main reason to use the software is because it’s free and you will not charge for it. You can download the software from its website without making any payment and install it on your device. Uniconverter is also fast, simple, and easy to operate. 

You will not come across any complex functions as the software makes things like video compression a lot easier for people. If you do not want to install the software, then you can also use its online version, which is pretty secured and safe. The best thing about Uniconverter’s online version is that it deletes all the files that you have uploaded within several hours. 

Crucial factors you must keep in mind during video compression

When you have decided to compress all your favorite videos, then there are several things that you must consider. Check below!

  • The RAM of your device: When it comes to compressing a video, then the RAM of your laptop or computers plays an important role. You need to make sure that your device has plenty of RAM so that it can decode and encode the video correctly. When there is more RAM, then the video compression will go smoothly, and the quality of the video will not be affected. When the compression is complete, save the file in the MKV or MP4 formats. These two formats will prevent the quality of the video from being compromised.
  • The processing speed: If you want the video compression to be much faster, then make sure your computer’s processor is in good condition. The processor should work better and faster so that you can complete the compression without any pause or error in the middle. This will help in preserving the HD or high-definition quality of the video file and also reduces the end size of the file with no problem.

  • The video bitrate: Bitrate is the speed that runs in bits per second of a specific media file during playback time. You must have excellent control over the bitrate during the compression process because it will help in determining how smoothly the video will stream. If you want the quality of the video to be higher, and then the bitrate should be higher. So, when you reduce the bitrate, you can also lessen the size of the video.

The takeaway!

When you know how the video compression technique works, then you can easily compress all types of large-size videos to a much lesser size according to your needs. Keep in mind to use a compressing tool that is of the best quality and comes with many advanced features and functions. You can also upload a well-compressed video on social media platforms, and you can also play them on your video player without experiencing any issue.  


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