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Difference Between Good and Bad Hearing Aid Devices

Hearing is one of the core senses that enables a person to interact with the surrounding effectively. However, due to various natural and artificial situations, a person’s hearing can be affected severely. It can cause hearing impairment or, in severe cases, lead to deafness. As a result, the person’s quality of life can decrease significantly. Thanks to modern science, now there is a wonderful device, named “hearing aid,” that can significantly help a person with hearing impairment to restore the ability to hear. It has helped numerous people around the world to break the barrier of hearing disability and shine brightly. If you are just recently facing problems with hearing and considering getting a hearing aid, it can easily confuse you. That’s why, in this article, we’ll help you to determine which hearing aids are good from the vast choice of hearing aids.

What is a Hearing Aid?

A hearing aid is a device that helps you hear the sounds effectively when you face trouble hearing. The devices are set near the ear, which receives the sound from the surrounding and amplifies, then converts to a signal that is understandable for your brain. A hearing aid commonly consists of three parts; a microphone, amplifier, and a speaker. The microphone receives the sounds from the environment, converts them into a signal, and sends them to the amplifier. The amplifier amplifies the sound and delivers them to the ear through the speaker. 

How Does a Hearing Aid Help?

The most common reason for hearing loss is damage to the inner ear. There are very fine hair cells located in the inner ear. Due to the vibrations of the hair cells, a person hears the sounds. However, due to some diseases, aging, or injury from certain noises or side effects of medications, the hair cells get damaged. A hearing aid increases the magnitude of the sound that causes larger vibrations to the surviving hair cells. Therefore, the person with hearing impairment can successfully hear sounds. However, there is a limit to how far the sound can be amplified. Moreover, if the hair cells are severely damaged, a hearing aid cannot help in restoring the hearing ability.

Types of Hearing Aids

The hearing aids can be differentiated into two large groups. They are;

  • Analog hearing aids These types of hearing aid convert the sound into an electric signal, so the sounds simply get amplified and sent to the ear.
  • Digital hearing aids: These kinds of hearing aids convert the sound waves into digital signals before amplifying them. As a result, the loudness or pitch of the sound can be identified effectively. Therefore, it doesn’t only amplify the sounds but mimics how a natural ear would hear the sound.

Digital hearing aids that are rechargeable are not only easier to use, but also significantly more environmentally friendly. The digital hearing aids can be divided into various other classes according to the size of the device.

The digital hearing aids can be divided into various other classes according to the size of the device. They are;

  • Behind the ear: These kinds of hearing aids consist of an earmold that sits upon the ear. The receiver is set on that earmold behind the ear.
  • In the ear: These kinds of hearing aids fit completely in the outer ear. These devices are good to treat mild to severe hearing loss.
  • Canal: These types of hearing aids rest in the canal of the ear. They can come in two styles, in the canal and completely in the canal. They are used to treat mild to moderate hearing loss.

How to Determine Good or Bad Hearing Aids

It’s hard to determine if a hearing aid is good or bad for you. It depends on various facts, like the severity of your problem, size, and capability of the device. However, the device which cannot help you optimize your hearing properly is considered a bad device. A good hearing device will contain the following properties;

  • Multifunctionality
  • Easy optimizable functions
  • Effective noise reduction functions
  • Directional microphones
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Telecoils
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Direct audio input
  • Variable programming

These properties help you get used to your hearing aid device easily. Mostly, it will help you to ignore your hearing difficulties and lead a healthy and high-quality life. A good hearing aid will also offer a longer battery life and longer warranty period. Thus You can be satisfied with the device and use it without worrying all the time.

A good hearing aid can be your best friend, while a bad one can worsen your hearing more. So, before purchasing a hearing aid, consult your audiologist. A hearing aid may require a minimum of three weeks to get used to the device. If you need further assistance or tuning, don’t be shy to give your audiologist a call. Most importantly, choose a device that gives you a replacement or return policy if it doesn’t suit your needs. That way, you can achieve the best benefits from your hearing aid and lead your best life. 


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