Divorce Procedure- Explained!

For whatever reason you have decided to end your marriage, it can be the most challenging thing for anyone. Ending a marriage can bring you a lot of pain and agony. On top of this, divorce proceedings are not easy, and they require you to be on your front foot for anything that comes up. This can be in the form of asset division. child custody, managing finances, etc.

These proceedings can be made easy if you understand the flow and the process of how a divorce works out. Having a divorce lawyer Huntsville will catalyze this process and be a bit less overwhelming and smooth. A professional divorce lawyer will take up all the essential steps required in a divorce and will be your support system throughout the divorce. We will be running you through the entire divorce procedure so that you know what to expect.

  • Filing Your Divorce

This is the primary step you must do, irrespective of whether your spouse agrees or denies ending the marriage. The petitioner, that is, the person that wants to file for divorce, must submit a petition to the court of the respective state to terminate the marriage. The petition must include a specific reason for terminating the marriage and proof of the residency of at least one spouse in the state where the divorce is being filed.

  • Temporary Court Order

The court grees with the response time for any case to be brought up in the courtroom. That is why the court grants you temporary orders for the reason you specify alongside the petition. The temporary orders will be valid until the court decides what is best for the couple or until the hearing dates arrive. If you seek temporary court orders, you must ask for them when you are filing your petition.

  • Settlements Negotiation

If, at any point before the hearing, any one of the parties decides to settle the case without taking it to court, then all the meetings happen in this part. Lawyers of both parties sit together and negotiate their clients’ demands and needs. If both parties agree, a settlement bond is signed, and the case is closed/ But if anyone of the party disagrees, then the matter is continued to the court.

As easy as it may look if these steps take an ample amount of time and resources from the couple. Having a professional divorce attorney will ensure that your case is progressing daily and that you are getting what you have demanded. All you need to have is patience and faith in your attorney and the work they are doing.

James Vines

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