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Do Men Really Need An Exclusive Face Wash?

A healthy facial skin in men, reflects a hygienic lifestyle. Different skin types deserve the suitable face wash products. Invisible dirt, visible sweat, oil deposits in the skin pores accumulate over time to form acne and later rashes. To clear out this waste from the face, spells out the condition of the skin. The best face washes for men have come a long way after proper research. Gone are the days which compelled men to use the face washes recommended for women.

Among men, the skin type varies from being oily to rough and flaky. It depends on the hormones circulating in the blood and also on the external conditions of harsh weather conditions. Extreme hotness and cold weather take a toll on any skin type and men are no exception.

Why Skin Care Face Wash For Men?

The dermatology research has it that men’s skin is 20-25% thicker than that of women’s. This along with the presence of facial hair comprising the moustache and the beard makes the skincare routine all the more complicated. Men have to take care of both the facial skin as well as facial hair. Changing seasons such as winters and summers do stomp worry on the face. Face wash for men is for all seasons, thus instigating another level of exclusive research and innovation in the skincare industry. Just need to focus on the moisturizing or the oil removal feature, whichever suitable.

Their skin is less vulnerable to dry skin with the active operation of the sebaceous glands. These glands produce sweat in the form of fatty secretions and oil. This substance is collectively called sebum. The higher levels of testosterone running in the male body too determine the thickness, toughness and oily nature of the facial skin.

Look For These In The Exclusive Face Wash Range

Even though the facial skin in men has their plus points, being excess in sebum can sometimes be reactive to certain elements. Determining the skin type makes the pick for the perfect face wash suited for the skin, faster and easier. The best face washes for men comprises separately oil, clay, charcoal, foam, gel, essence base etc. The face scrub elements stimulate the facial blood circulation along with the skin cleansing action.

To wash away these impurities from the skin, the face wash is the normative solution. The face wash creams held in their tubes contain ingredients in activated molecule forms, to dissolve and carry away the dirt, oil and excess sebum. Activated charcoal, natural oils from herbs and trees help to embalm the facial curves, skin pores pulling out these impurities, reducing the chances of acne. Gentle massaging forces the lather to seep into the minute skin folds and pores. 

Silicones that are synthesized to combine with oxygen enhances the conditioning, moisture-locking feature of the face wash creams. The facial hair is also taken care of with the use of activated-molecular level lather. The antibacterial properties of the face wash creams maintain the facial hair from developing fungus, dandruff and rough nature. It aids to avoid the itchiness attributed to the cluster of facial hair.

Pollution too has entered the list of impurities that can harm the skin. Sulphur, carbon and nitrogen composed toxic compounds generated from the vehicles, burning of plastics etc float in the air and dissolve in water. The facial skin being one of the most sensitive and exposed skin to sunlight, wind and rain demands for expert care. These atomic and molecular pollutants are very dangerous for the overall well being of the facial epithelium. The use of face washes here ensures that these pollutants are washed away with the other waxy sebum secretions.

A minute squish of the tube renders a dime-sized gooey cream that foams on rubbing gently over the wet skin. It covers the applied area unlocking a delightful, refreshing aroma. After breaking a sweat, the resultant odour is taken care of by these wonder face washes. 

Foaming can be limited in case of the clay-based face washes. The scrub based face wash creams contain non-abrasive tiny particles felt on touch. The main purpose of these is to remove the dead skin cells as well as the blackheads that clog the skin surface. This renders a clear, breathable skin. The rest of the base foams on massaging it onto the facial skin. 


Self pamper should be the first and foremost priority of all men. The facial skin and it’s care through the application of chosen face wash becomes an inevitable part of the same. So get the best and leave the rest! The modern problems of the skin demand to be dealt with the most recent innovation in the cosmetic arena. 

Customers must vary from the gimmicks in the skincare industry. Buying from certified dealers and brands can save the day. The best face washes for men have proven themselves in the market flooded and dominated by the skincare routines and products for women. 

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