Duckduckgo 100m Jan. August 2bcimpanuzdnet Surpassed Daily Search Queries for the First Time on Jan. 11; Since August 2020, the Search Engine Began Seeing Over 2b Search Queries Per Month

As of May 15, 2015, Duckduckgo 100m Jan. August 2bcimpanuzdnet daily search queries for the first time on Jan. 11; since August 2020, the search engine began seeing over 2B search queries per month. The number is well past Google and Apple’s combined 100M daily searches across all apps and websites as of May 16th.

DuckDuckGo is also the most used search engine in over 20 countries, including Taiwan, Japan and the Czech Republic.

Google has been a monopoly for a very long time now. The search giant has been in charge of a whopping 92-93% of all internet searches across the globe since 2010 according to StatCounter. Google’s closest rival Yahoo holds only three percent of the market while Microsoft’s Bing only holds two percent. These two companies combined do not exceed Google’s market share by even half a percent.

Most of the searches engines have been earning revenues from advertising, i.e., from the targeted advertisements that a user may see as a result of their search queries. Google, however, is the most prominent of all search engines when it comes to generating revenues through advertising.

A Google patent application published in December 2013 describes a method which would allow users to be tracked across multiple devices by their search histories and habits. The system would also be able to identify their locations through IP data that is passed on while they are using any one of the Google services.

No wonder why we can see how often Google earns revenues almost every other day.

DuckDuckGo is the most private search engine, not only in the world but in the entire web. The search engine does not store search history at all. All of your searches are done directly on the internet providers’ servers, usually to a different server each time one of your queries is sent out.

The fact that DuckDuckGo does not track its users’ activity makes it stand apart from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. As of May 15, there are about 8.4 billion active internet users on the globe, with over 2B monthly searches conducted through Duckduckgo 100m Jan. August 2bcimpanuzdnet search engine each month.

As of May 14, DuckDuckGo has been logging over 1B search queries per month in which a user enters a second search term to get a result that is not listed under the first search term.

DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg says that the search engine has seen a staggering 60% growth since last year.

“The mainstream media seems to have anointed Google as the winner of the privacy wars, but that conclusion is premature,” said Gabriel Weinberg, CEO of DuckDuckGo. “Search traffic is still growing worldwide and people are increasingly looking for alternatives.”

The search engine is currently available in 14 languages; it plans to add more in the next coming months.

DuckDuckGo is integrated across a variety of platforms as well, including email services like Gmail/Inbox by Google, and Yahoo Mail, instant messaging apps like Pidgin and Adium and chat apps like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

The search engine has been pretty successful with its approach to privacy over the years. The search engine was able to raise $3 million funding from Union Square Ventures in June 2014.


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