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Dwayne Johnson Doing a Movie With Roman Reigns


Dwayne Johnson Doing a Movie With Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns In a Movie Playing Dwayne Johnson's Brother

We’re utilized to watching Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson onto a little screen or in a picture. He’s among the most well-known actors working today, and undoubtedly, he’s the hottest WWE fighter employed as an actor. We all know him from different films and television, possibly the most notable is”Fast and Furious” and”Ballers”.

The film will premier at the August this year. From the August 2018, Roman Reigns became WWE universal winner after beating Brock Lesnar. A few months later he declared he combats leukemia for the next time.

 Roman Reigns Teaming Up for a Movie – Playing Dwayne Johnson’s Brother

Anyhow, the film was declared on Rock’s Instagram profile. Dwayne Johnson explained that he’s excited to work together with his cousin and colleague on the film for the very first time. He expressed his pleasure with Reigns positive attitude which will surely be something which will help him return to the ring. Ultimately, he stated that he loves filming the Samoan islands where his ancestors are.

On his Instagram profile, Roman Reigns voiced his gratitude towards Dwayne and the remainder of the team, stating that he believes this a”Family Healing”. Will premiere in August 2019.


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