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Essential Body Oil For Therapeutic massage & Overall Wellness

Cinnamon Perfect Poise Essential Body Oil

Are you overpowered with work and stress and generally tucked up so much that even you are unable to enjoy your weekends. But a continued stress for extended period of time leads us to the state of anxiety and depression further leading to chronic fatigue. Now the giant question hovers WHAT NEXT? Are you taking it seriously or simply ignoring it. Yes avoiding your fatigue and stress will result into many unwanted complications like high blood pressure, diabetes etc. Do you know that body massage with some best Ayurved products at such a time is a great saviour that helps nurture your body and relaxes your mind in order to lead a fulfilling life

Massage works wonders 

A full body massage with an organic essential oil can really do wonders for your mental and physical health. It not only stimulates nervous system but also activates the muscles and organs and help release the feel good hormones in body. A massage with essential body oil reverses the effects of stress and rejuvenates overall health. Enhancing your overall wellness Following are the important benefits of a body massage therapy:

Boot out Muscle Spasm – Body massage therapy comforts muscle pain and speed up recovery.

Relieves Eye Strain – A gentle massage around the head and eye supports the eyesight and combats eye redness, watery eyes and irritation.

Restores Sleep Quality – Feel-good hormones regulates sleep patterns and promotes sound sleep. 

Enhances Blood Circulation – Body massage movements assist to improve the blood flow.

Rejuvenates Nervous System – Massage helps to releases mental pressure and stabilizes hormone production.  

Skin radiance – It allows skin cells to be refreshed, suppled and glowing removing dead skin cells.

Cinnamon Bliss For Body And Mind

There are numerous essential body oils for aromatherapy like Rosehip Oil, Lavender Oil and many more but the Cinnamon Essential Body oil is a real bliss to the body and mind. A body massage with cinnamon contained essential oil assist to revive senses, body and ultimately relaxes the mind. It acts as a powerful rejuvenator for health and well-being. Ayurveda text states that a massage on a regular basis soothes the doshas, provides stamina and promotes longevity. 

These Herbal massage oils renders vital role in achieving ultimate benefits of the massage therapy. BIOAYURVEDA Cinnamon Perfect Poise Essential Body Oil is a blend of potent essential herbs and oils that counters fatigue and stress in a soothing way thereby strengthening the physical processes and balances of mind. Formulated as per the Ayurveda text, this product provides you nature’s goodness at your doorstep. Cinnamon for face has always been an effective remedy due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

Benefits of Cinnamon Contained Essential Body Oil

Organic Ingredients That Matters

Cinnamon Oil –Enriched with anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-diabetic and anti-bacterial properties, cinnamon oil is known for its mystique fragrance and properties to combat bacteria and infection. It improves the sleep patterns and quality, moisturizes skin and reduces anxiety, stress & depression.

Ajwain Oil   This detoxifying herb cleanses and purifies the skin, curbs infection and soothes inflammation. A regular massage with this oil relieves joint pain, calms nervous system and help reduce arthritic inflammation. It also eases headache and migraines. 

Orange Oil – This vitamin C enriched body oil has been an effective formula for skin health. But its anti-depressant and sedative properties relax the nervous system and alleviate the anxiety. Massaging with this oil helps to balance the blood pressure, keeps the skin toned and moisturized. 

Olive Oil –Used a base oil in cinnamon essential it effectively penetrates the skin and relieves pain. It is a powerful herb to curb arthritic pain, inflammation and supports neurological wellness.  

How to Apply Cinnamon Essential Oil?

Take few drops of oil on your palm and gently massage all over the body. Keep circulating the fingers until it deeply absorbs into the skin and lead you to a state of calm and peace.

Online Stores for Buying Cinnamon Essential Oil

Ayurvedic online stores are today’s most easiest way to buy organic products easily for skin, body and health care. Herbal product online shopping also allows you to compare different products and find the best one, for your body and specific concerns. BIOAYUVREDA offers a range of premium organic products that are easily available at all E-comm. Portals, or on its official online Ayurvedic store,

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