Event Promotion – Advertising for Your Trade Show Booth

Going to a trade show for your business is a big step in setting up your exposure to the world, gaining new clients and selling your products or services. But how do you make sure you attract the right people to this trade show to make exhibiting at this experience worth it? Thinking about advertising for your trade show booth ahead of time is a really beneficial way to get people excited and get them to actually attend the show to see what your company is all about. Investing in marketing efforts before the show can raise awareness of the event and encourage even more people to attend. The whole purpose of even putting in the effort to exhibit is so that you reach as many people as you possibly can in a short amount of time. Maximize your efficiency by taking these steps in event promotion to advertise your trade show booth and make your experience that much more successful. 

Strategic Timing and Paid Advertising

For events like this, time is of the essence. You are more likely to have a better turn out at your booth if you begin advertising for this event as soon as you book your date. The more time you give people advance notice, the better the chances will be that they will carve out the time to attend the trade show. For many of these shows, you can book months in advance and it is never too early to start telling people so it can be on their minds. Updates and reminders throughout the time before the show can also prove helpful to make sure it doesn’t slip anyones mind as you get closer to the date. You may want to invest a bit into paid advertising efforts to really target those you want to reach. You can promote what you will be debuting and also mention any promotions you might be holding during that time to entice more people to come see you. 

Advertise Past Experiences

If you have been in a trade show in the past, advertise for the new show coming up by posting pictures of the last show on your website and social media page. Show people what they can expect, who might be there, what your custom trade show display looks like, and what opportunities might be in store for them if they choose to come. This marketing tactic can show the validity of the show and help guests really anticipate what is to come by attending an event like this.

Physical Newsletter and Mail

While many people are on social media and get a lot of updates on those platforms, never underestimate the influence a physical invitation can have. Sending invitations to customers can mean a lot to them and let you know you are thinking about them. You can even include fun items like raffle tickets to promote attendance and involvement when they arrive. Offering discounts for those who attend is also a great way to advertise when you send an invitation. Also advertising on your company’s newsletter will help get the word out there and provide people with the details of the event in a convenient location for them to find. 

Increase Attendance Through Advertising

Exhibiting at a trade show doesn’t just start when you enter the venue. When you advertise before your show, you are more likely to have people that are coming to see you and hear what it is that you have to offer. These efforts can prove to be beneficial and maximize the time and money you spent to get your business at a trade show. Give this experience the best chance that it’s got and work to increase attendance (and subsequent profits) by promoting and advertising your trade show exhibition.  

James Vines

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